MBA Online Program Features

Leadership Formation

  • Integrates themes of integrity and leadership within the context of a biblical worldview, consistent with the mission of the institution
  • Produces a cadre of well-educated, highly qualified leaders for the city and region
  • Provides model for ethical behavior in leadership

Academic Rigor

  • Builds on sound business principles
  • Employs terminally qualified faculty with extensive experience
  • Focuses on critical thinking and evaluation

Technological Competence

  • Applies technology tools to business and industry
  • Uses technology for communication purposes
  • Introduces the concept of “comfortable chaos” – appropriating changing technology for competitive advantage

Global Astuteness

  • Emphasizes the changing geopolitical and cultural/religious framework within which international business is conducted
  • Establishes a relationship with European University that provides faculty exchange
  • Offers optional international travel opportunities structured around the European Union and the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Turkey

Research Orientation

  • Offers individual research projects that will provide direct benefit to the companies represented in the cohorts
  • Understands and applies statistical processes for decision-making
  • Contributes to the body of knowledge

Service Commitment

  • Instills a sense of volunteerism in each cohort; i.e., service project
  • Provides practical experience in “board” membership and contribution
  • Links public/private initiatives and offers service opportunities

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