Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a Psychology Major?  Studying Psychology prepares you for a vocation, ministry, or just life in general. You will always have to deal with people.

How is Christianity integrated with Psychology at Bryan College?  We actively integrate in each subject and class that all truth is God’s truth and God’s word is the filtering mechanism for pouring the discipline of Psychology through. We usually have a supplementary text that is written by a Christian author on the subject area we are studying.

Does Bryan have a cooperative relationship with a Christian graduate school for further study and a Master’s Degree?  Yes, Richmont University is based in Atlanta, as well as Chattanooga, and offers a uniquely Christian approach to graduate study in counseling with various emphases. Richmont also specializes in spiritual formation, soul care, and the various spiritual disciplines.

How difficult is Bryan’s Psychology program?  It is challenging without being overly demanding. Every student who graduates with a B.A. in Psychology should have mastered much of the content in the discipline of Psychology in order to enter a graduate program in Counseling at some higher institute of learning.

How many of your graduates go onto graduate school?  About one-third do further work in graduate school upon graduation. Another 10-15 percent go back to school later in their careers. All majors have the knowledge and relationship skills to work in a variety of applied settings.

What is the main emphasis of your Psychology program?  We emphasize training toward applied practitioners and counselors. The curriculum emphasizes a counseling bias. Both professors have been counselors themselves to actively know what they teach. One currently has a part-time counseling practice as a professor-practitioner.

What are the distinctives of Bryan’s Psychology major?  Developing a Christian worldview toward psychology is one distinctive of the major. The Christian worldview and knowledge base is applied critically to the secular concepts found in the psychological literature. Bryan psychology professors help students to evaluate critically all they learn from a distinctly Christian perspective. Above all, the Psychology faculty prepare students to think Biblically about life, psychology, and counseling.

Student advising is another distinctive of the Bryan Psychology program. All students are assigned a faculty advisor who spends time with them and assists them with academic, vocational, and other life decisions. In addition, all psychology faculty at Bryan are available and accessible to psychology majors during times when advice, encouragement, and direction are needed. We strive to build quality relationships with our students.

Can I minor in some academic area if my major at Bryan is psychology?  Many of our students have been advised and have chosen to minor in Bible. Some have chosen to minor in Business, Spanish, Communications, and many other disciplines.

Will I be able to get a job with a bachelor’s degree in psychology?  Graduates with B.A. degrees in psychology find employment. Typically, they provide direct hands-on services in a variety of settings. Psychology majors use their knowledge and skills acquired from the major normally in human service-oriented settings while some majors work in other areas. A liberal arts education at Bryan College in Psychology does more than prepare students for a job; it helps them understand the world around them. At the same time, individual majors give students the foundation for graduate school or for entry into a vocation, as well as the ability to adapt to changing opportunities. More »

Do Bryan College psychology students find entrance into graduate school?  Students aspiring to enter Ph.D., Psy.D., and master's programs, frequently find entrance into their desired choice programs. Bryan faculty work closely with psychology majors, helping them clarify and set their vocational and educational goals, then take the necessary steps to gain admission to the graduate programs of their choice. The Bryan psychology curriculum is constructed to offer all the courses necessary for admission to and preparation for graduate school. In addition, we have a cooperative relationship with the Psychological Studies Institute (PSI) which is based in Atlanta, as well as Chattanooga, and offers a uniquely Christian approach to graduate study in counseling with various emphases. PSI also specializes in spiritual formation, soul care, and the various spiritual disciplines.

How do Bryan College psychology students perform on exit psychology exams?  Students in the psychology major have historically performed exceptionally well on the Educational Testing Services (ETS) Psychology subject test. Each fall, the seniors are required to take this test for demonstrating their competency within the major. The aggregate data for our majors on the ETS for the past five years is within the 90th percentile.