Drop/Withdrawal Policies

Academic Drop/Withdrawal

Students may withdraw with a ‘W’ from an on-line course through the 3rd week of the course. Beginning with the start of the 4th week a final grade will be assigned.

Financial Drop/Withdrawal

Students may drop a course prior to the start date of the session and be refunded the tuition paid less a $50 administrative fee. If you drop the course during the first two weeks you will receive a 50% tuition refund. From the start of the third week through the end of the seventh week there is no refund of any kind.

Automatic Drop – Failure to log into course

Students who fail to log into the course during the first week of the course will be automatically dropped from the course and charged a $100 administrative fee.

Drop/Withdrawal Procedure

There is only one way to drop an online course. In order to drop or withdraw from a course you must send an e-mail to registrar@bryan.edu. You must include your full name and the course you desire to drop/withdraw.

Notice: You may take no more than two online courses in a given session.