Yearbooks available online

Bryan College yearbooks and a selection of other materials have been posted to a digital archive and are available free, thanks to a regional library project.
Bryan Library Director Dr. Gary Fitsimmons said Lyrasis, a regional library cooperative to which Bryan belongs, arranged to have bound items such as yearbooks digitized at minimal cost. College Archivist Stephanie Wood arranged for nearly 12,000 pages to be included in the project.
Bryan’s online archive now includes The Commoner yearbooks, excluding 1932 and 1933 editions; early copies of Bryan Life; some copies of the Newsette, a predecessor to Bryan Life; and some copies of Blueprint, a publication similar to the current Illumine.
Mrs. Wood explained that she collected the material, examined it to make sure the quality was suitable for digitizing, then sent it to the company in New York which did the work.
“We don’t have copies of the 1932 and ’33 Commoner,” she said. “I don’t know if they were produced those two years, and if they were, nobody seems to have a copy.”
Dr. Fitsimmons emphasized that access to these items through the Bryan website is free. Other online resources also may have this material but may charge for use.