Library Internet Policy


The Internet is a worldwide network of computer networks. Libraries and research centers, companies and corporations, colleges and universities, and even government agencies all have computer networks containing massive amounts of information. The Internet connects these various networks, allowing different kinds of computers to "talk" to each other. When users from Bryan College link to the Library of Congress, for example, the result will be the same as if they were sitting at a Library of Congress computer terminal in Washington D.C.
The Internet provides access to books, articles, card catalogs, indexes, computer programs, information databases, government documents, news and weather information, and discussion groups on almost every imaginable topic. Worldwide email is also available.
College Handbook Standards
While the Internet contains a tremendous amount of useful information, it also contains objectionable content. Those who use the Internet at Bryan College must adhere to standards of morality set forth in the Student Handbook. Any intentional behavior, with respect to the electronic environment, that interferes with the mission or activities of the college or the college community will be regarded as unethical and will be subject to disciplinary action. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of computers is prohibited in the library. Such use includes, but is not limited to, the following: accessing or downloading pornographic or offensive material from the Internet, altering computer settings, and/ or modifying computer drives or system files.
College Acceptable Use Policy
All computer users are further subject to Bryan College’s Acceptable Use Policy which prohibits:
  • using network for the transmission of threatening or harassing materials
  • using network for recreational purposes, game playing, or other non-educational activities
  • using network for commercial purposes or for-profit activities
  • loud talking and other noise in labs
  • eating or drinking in labs
  • littering
  • wasteful use of computer printer paper
Copyright Compliance
All Internet users must comply with copyright laws. (The following information is slightly revised from CSTCC's acceptable use policies and is used by permission.) Information located throughout the Internet is copyrighted according to the present US copyright law as it meets the definition of being fixed in a tangible medium. Once fixed in a tangible medium, a work is copyrighted whether or not it is registered in the US Copyright Offices.
Research Writing Lab Hours
Research Writing Lab hours coincide with the library’s hours of operation, during which times the lab is open for student use, unless it is reserved for library instruction. Library instructional purposes have first priority. Students have access to their BryanNet profile from these terminals--the Internet, BryanNet, home files, eStudent, etc.--as well as at the upstairs alcove terminals which are networked to the lab. If you are a student experiencing difficulty logging in, you may reset your password.  Faculty and staff may call the I.T. Services Helpdesk at Ext. 333 (423.775.7333) or come to the Helpdesk to have their passwords reset.