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In our age of information explosion, no library will contain all of the materials that may be requested by its patrons. Interlibrary loan helps to fill this gap. It is important, however, that the library and the administration understand that interlibrary loan cannot be used to avoid responsibility for developing our own collection.
Bryan students (or faculty/staff member) may borrow a maximum of 10 books at a time through interlibrary loan. Books are borrowed without charge to the student. There is a $0.10 per page charge for periodical articles to help defray general interlibrary loan expenses and to discourage students from requesting unneeded materials simply to store in their files. Interlibrary loans will be requested for non-Bryan patrons for a service charge of $3.00 per request for books and $0.10 per page for articles. Once an article has been ordered, the charge has been incurred and is due regardless of whether the patron later decides he or she no longer needs the information. (Interlibrary loan services for community residents are also available through Dayton’s public library.)
Books, photocopies of articles and some audio-visual materials are loaned to other libraries without charge. (We do reserve the right, however, to charge libraries that charge us). Reference material and videocassettes are not generally loaned, but exceptions may be made at the discretion of the reference librarian or the director. Materials will generally be loaned for 30 days from the time they are shipped with one two-week renewal allowed.
Patrons with overdue interlibrary loan materials will be charged $1.00 per day, per book for up to seven days. If a patron has a book overdue for more than seven days, his or her interlibrary loan privileges will be terminated for the rest of the semester. Each interlibrary loan book will have a paper band around it notifying the patron of these specifications. Our library will pay replacement costs and processing fees for any materials loaned from another library and not returned by a Bryan patron. We will then attempt to recover the charges from that patron.
All requests for photocopies will comply with copyright laws and guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse any request that, in our opinion, violates these laws and guidelines.