Townhouses @ Bryan Commons

The townhouses at Bryan Commons are the newest residence facilities at Bryan College. Constructed at the same time as Landes Way, there are currently eleven apartments housing a total of sixty-six students.

Designed to accommodate upperclassmen, the townhouses provide a full kitchen and living room for each apartment, along with three bedrooms and two large, full bathrooms. Six apartments are for men, and five are for women. Students are required to put together their own groups of six (all students must be eligible to live in the apartments, based upon academic and student life qualifications) to fill each apartment.

The students in the townhouses are not required to be on the college meal plan (though there is a meal plan option available for them). There is also no curfew for townhouse residents. The college's goal in providing this living situation is to give students the opportunity to have a median between dorm life and living on their own, where they still have rules to follow, but they have a greater responsibility for themselves.

Current plans call for two more townhouse buildings providing twelve more apartments (for a total of 23 student apartments and one residence director apartment). These additional buildings are part of Phase 2 of the Vision 2020 plan.