Landes Way

Landes Way is Bryan's stately entrance road, connecting the campus directly to Highway 27. A long-time dream of the college, the vision for this entrance was first laid over forty years ago. At Homecoming 2008 the vision for the entrance was laid before the alums during the homecoming banquet. Following the banquet an alum approached the administration and agreed to pay for construction of the road.

Construction began shortly thereafter and the main portion of the road, extending from Richland Street to the campus has been completed. A dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting was held during the festivities surrounding Homecoming 2010. Connecting the road to Highway 27 requires a stoplight and work contracted by the Tennessee Department of Transportation and has been scheduled by the state to be completed by August 15, 2011.

In order for the road to be built, thousands of cubic yards of dirt had to be moved, trees cleared, and utilities and drainage lines laid alongside the road. What has resulted is a beautiful road leading onto campus that fits with the beauty that is on top of the hill.


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