Rudd Renovation

Rudd Auditorium has been an iconic building on Bryan's campus since it opened in 1976 and is in need of major renovations that are set to come in two phases. The first phase, completed during the summer of 2012, included among other things replacing the seating and carpeting; installing a new sound system; and painting the auditorium interior, lobby, hallways, and stairwells.

The second phase of construction will commence as soon as funding is available and includes exterior work on the rear of the building (architectural drawing above) that faces what is now the primary entrance to the college.  An artist rendition of the future look of the "new front" is shown above.  In addition, this phase includes adding new office space and classrooms for the music department and installing additional balcony seating throughout the entire balcony (replacing what are currently offices and music labs).

If you are interested in donating toward this project, please give online, contact an Advancement staff member, or read more about the Rudd fund-raising project here.

Artist's Renderings of Coming Projects

Rudd's new "front" that will face the new entrance                       Small group performance and reception area

Rudd Auditorium, Bryan’s iconic campus building, is named for Judson A. Rudd, Bryan’s third president (1933-1955).  Over the course of its 35+-year history, Rudd has been the site of thousands of chapels, theatre and music productions, community events, and more.  Here's the place to share your favorite Rudd memory and to read others' stories.
If you would like more information about this project, please contact Blake Hudson or Steve Keck at or call 423.775.7323.