Bryan College uses a print quota system to discourage waste.  Each semester, an allotment of print quota is automatically added to each student's account.  The print quota allotment is a set amount that should be sufficient for students in most majors to complete their academic requirements.  If additional print quota is needed, the student may purchase additional print quota online or purchase a "top-up" card in the Campus Store. 

To support printing from personal computers, the print quota system includes a "web print" feature.  The student uploads the document to be printed, selects the printer and number of copies, and the pages printed are deducted from the student's print quota.  This process only supports certain document types, but it relieves the student from installing print drivers for each printer.

Most black and white laser printers on-campus are capable of printing double-sided to save paper.  There are also a couple of color laser printers available, but note that they cost more per print page than black and white printers.