Computer Advice

Parents and students often ask what type of computer we recommend.  While we do not recommend any particular brand or model, a laptop will equip the student with the most flexibility and capability out-of-the-box.  With the computer labs, it is not necessary for resident students to bring their own computer, but many do.

The campus computing environment consists predominantly of PC hardware running Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.  There are a few Macs on campus and personal Macs for student use work as well on the wireless network as other types of computers. is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, but be aware you may encounter compatibility issues if exchanging documents with Microsoft Office users.  The student email accounts are hosted by Google, so Google "Documents" is also a valid, free replacement for Microsoft Office.  As a college student, you will also find that Academic pricing is available on most software of your choosing.

Some students prefer to bring a personal printer for convenience, but lab printers are also available (even from personal computers).