Christian Ministry Internship Program

A two-semester internship is required for Christian Ministry majors who are pursuing the Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, and Youth Ministry options.

This internship takes place the student's last full academic year at Bryan in conjunction with the two courses CM471 and CM472. Students, under the supervision of the assigned professor, must secure an internship ministry position related to their major option either in a local church or parachurch organization.

CM471 is offered in the fall semester and requires a minimum of 6-8 hours of internship work each week; whereas, CM472 is offered in the spring semester and requires a minimum of 10-12 hours of internship work.

This internship is a significant part of the Christian ministry major for these three options in that students are able to apply the knowledge and skills gained through study within the classroom in a 10-month "safe ministry environment" under the supervision of a field supervisor and institutional supervisor. Such internship experience is valuable for the securing and effective leading of vocational ministry positions upon graduation.