Online Degree Program Features

Bryan College developed the Online Degree Completion Program to meet the needs of adult students.  Each cohort completes courses in an accelerated format completely online allowing an early completion of the degree.  The curriculum is designed to help adults accomplish their career goals and allow them to be more effective managers, supervisors, or business people.

This program, begun in the fall of 1993:
  • Offers three Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration:  Organizational Management, Business Management, and Healthcare Management. 
  • Recognizes experiential learning.
  • Provides professionally relevant coursework in an accelerated format.
  • Incorporates principles of the Adult Education Model.

Class Format

Online A.S. in Business students participate in a 100% online environment through interactions with professor and students through discussion postings, online lectures, and integrated assignments. The program is scheduled to last approximately five consecutive semesters (18 months). 

Class format is designed to provide adult learning synergy through discussions. Assignments consist of outside readings and short papers on topics relating to the courses. Activities are designed to integrate theory with application to work, church, or family situations.

Benefits of the Associate of Science in Business Degree Program

  • Graduate with an accredited degree and be eligible for the Bachelor's in Business Administration Program.
  • Complete the Associate of Science degree in as little as 18 months.
  • Attend class online and complete coursework during a time that works well for you
  • Improve communication, management, and other skills and enhance or advance your position in the job market.

Adult Education Model

Adults who need a class schedule that allows them to maintain their job while completing a degree, need this alternative to traditional degree programs. The adult educational model provides class times and meeting places that are an alternative to traditional, daytime classes.

Adult participants approach a new learning opportunity with two basic questions, consciously or unconsciously:
  1. Who is in charge? The burden of this question is-can I be a part of this learning opportunity and continue to be in charge of my own life? Can I participate and be self-directed. I do not want to surrender who I am in order to participate in this or any group?
  2. Will I be loved? Will I be accepted by the facilitator and by other participants?

Learning for the participant does not begin until the two critical questions are answered satisfactorily. Initial activities of the courses are designed to provide satisfactory answers to the two critical questions.

Program History

Bryan College is an independent, Christian, comprehensive college founded upon the belief that God is the author of truth; that He has revealed Himself to humanity through nature, conscience, the Bible, and Jesus Christ; that it is His will for all people to come to a knowledge of truth.  Bryan College believes that an integrated study of the liberal arts and the Bible, with a proper emphasis on the spiritual, mental, social, and physical aspects of life, will lead to the balanced development of the whole person.

As a college for the intellectually curious Christian, Bryan College is committed to meeting the educational needs of the community.  That commitment led to the development of an innovative learning program for adults using the field experience model.