Session Information & Course Schedule

Session I: May 12 - June 27

Session II: June 30 - August 15

Preregistration for summer course work will begin Monday, March 24. Tuition for each 3 credit course is $855 ($285 per credit).  Students may register for up to two online courses for each session. All payments are due in full two weeks prior to the beginning of the session.  Session I payments are due no later than April 28; Session II payments are due no later than June 16.

For other deadlines, withdrawal and refund policy for online courses see our FAQ.

Pick up form(s) at the Registrar's Office (Mercer 202), acquire your advisor's signature, then return the completed form(s) to the Registrar’s Office. Registrations received after the payment deadline will need to be paid in full at the time of registration.

Visiting students: You must apply and pay the $15 application fee (payable while applying) before registering.

Dual Enrollment students: Register here.

Summer Course Session I: 7 weeks

Course Credits
BIB 222 Old Testament Literature 3
BIO 115 Environmental Science 3
CT 113 Christian Worldview 3
ENG 109 College Writing I 3
ENG 211 Intro to Literature 3
GRK 111 Elementary Greek I 3
HIS 111 Western Civ I 3
HIS 221 U.S. History I 3
LA 220 Intro to Human Trafficking 3
MATH 116 Contemporary Math 3
PHIL 211 Intro to Philosophy 3

Summer Course Session II: 7 weeks

Course Credits
BIB 224 New Testament Lit 3
CT 114 Christian Thought and Apologetics 3
EHS 111 Concepts of Physical Fitness 1
ENG 110 College Writing II 3
ENG 411 Expository Writing 3
GRK 112 Elementary Greek II 3
HIS 112 Western Civ II 3
HIS 222 U.S. History II 3
LA 322 Human Trafficking in the U.S. 3
MUS 210 Music Appreciation 3
PSY 111 General Psychology 3