Undergraduate Research Conference

Our annual undergraduate research conference, with its attendant faculty-led workshops on abstract-writing and presentation preparation, is the primary means through which we encourage and promote student research. The conference is a valuable open arena in which students gain the experience of presenting to and discussing research-in-progress with their professors and peers, in a friendly and supportive, yet academically rigorous, environment.  It offers undergraduates from different disciplines the opportunity to meet, cultivate connections, and exchange ideas.  

Why participate in an undergraduate research conference?

Researching, writing, and presenting a paper at a conference can seem like a daunting task.  However, if you are pursuing an academic (or even non-academic) career, the effective presentation of research is a key life skill.  The public sharing of your work is beneficial for improving presentation skills and gaining valuable feedback from colleagues, instructors, and friends. It also affords the opportunity to raise your professional profile and self-image, and can reduce the feeling of academic or professional isolation by offering networking opportunities.

Past Conferences