Textbooks & Virtual Bookstore

 The following information is provided to ensure you have your books and learning resources in time to complete assignments due the first class session:
  1. We recommend you purchase your books 3-5 weeks before your class start date.
  2. To ensure you are ordering the correct title, author, and edition, visit Bryan College's virtual bookstore to get complete information.
    1. Click "Order Textbooks."
    2. Choose your program from the drop-down list under "Select Your Courses."
    3. Find detailed information for the book(s) and/or other resources that are required for each course in your program.
  3. You may purchase your books through Bryan College's virtual bookstore or any other source of your choosing.  Also note that in addition to purchasing a new textbook, some titles are also available as a used book, an eBook, or a for-rent book.  Books ordered from Bryan's online bookstore are typically shipped within 24-48 hours after your order is submitted.
  4. If you have textbook questions, please contact Kathryn Garrett