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Our annual Library Survey ends Sunday, April 1. If you haven't yet done so, take it today! Completed surveys will be entered in a drawing for one of four Harmony House gift cards. 

On Trial: Try These Databases

The library frequently offers month-long free trials of databases that we feel may benefit the Bryan Community and strengthen our collections. Please take a moment to read through the descriptions below, peruse the sites that interest you most, and send us your feedback. (Please note: Bryan ID and password required for access)

Credo Reference

With Credo Reference, you get full-text content from hundreds of reference books covering every major subject. There are over 3 million entries, 200,000+ images (art, diagrams, maps, and photos), and over 100,000 audio pronunciation files and sound clips. The content is enriched by a network of cross-reference links that cut across topics and titles to give you accurate, contextual results.

Oxford Dictionaries Online

Offering over 4 million words, phrases and translations in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Chinese, Oxford Language Dictionaries Online (OLDO) features native speaker audio pronunciation - allowing you to hear how words actually sound! More than just a dictionary, OLDO offers a complete suite of language learning support materials for users of all levels: click-through verb tables and pronunciation charts, explanations of grammatical terms, hundreds sample letters, CVs and resumes, notes on life and culture, guidance on grammar and idiomatic usage, extensive links to other sites for further research, and more! 

National Library Week 

April 8 - 14 is National Library Week. Stop by the library to celebrate with us!

From the Director

I subscribe to the idea that adversity exists purely for the purpose of being overcome. That explains a lot about how I operate. I didn’t realize until I saw this quote, however, that it might have something to do with why I became a librarian:
"In early days, I tried not to give librarians any trouble, which was where I made my primary mistake. Librarians like to be given trouble; they exist for it, they are geared to it. For the location of a mislaid volume, an uncatalogued item, your good librarian has a ferret's nose. Give her a scent and she jumps the leash, her eyes bright with battle."
                         -Catherine Drinker Bowen, from Adventures of a Biographer
Come to think of it, I have always looked for the challenges in life. I prefer to do things the right way (which usually translates to hard way). Only someone who thrives on adversity would enter a profession where they try to keep thousands of items in a specific order on shelves while they are freely accessible to hundreds (if not thousands) of people. Just trying to do that with my private collection of about 250 DVDs and still have them accessible to 4 family members seems to be more than some people can comprehend (namely, the three other family members).
But there is specificity to the challenges I undertake. They have to be worthwhile. I don’t just take them on just for the sake of the challenge, I take them on for the sake of the result that I am after: perfection—-that is, according to my definition of perfection. Oh well, it keeps me busy and hopefully out of trouble—-which is probably what God had in mind in allowing His children to be challenged with adversity.

--Dr. Gary Fitsimmons
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