Physical Plant Staff

The Physical Plant staff are dedicated to providing the Bryan community with an outstanding living and learning environment. Work Orders can be by e-mail, or over the phone at 423.834.5369.


David A. Morgan, Director of Physical Plant

General Maintenance

Gary Cheon, General Maintenance and Repair Worker
Kyle Headlee, General Maintenance and Repair Worker
Ronnie Masengale, General Maintenance and Repair Worker
Christian Pendergrass, General Maintenance and Fleet Worker
Steve Sharpe, General Maintenance and Repair Worker


Clayton Schmidt, B.S., Grounds Worker
Mick Walker, Grounds Supervisor


Karen Randen, Landscape Coordinator

Environmental Services

Jonathan Bacon, B.S., Environmental Services Assistant
Leta A. Dyer, Environmental Services Supervisor
Cheryl Kerley, Environmental Services Assistant
Teresa A. King, Environmental Services Assistant
Amy Masengale, Environmental Services Assistant
Brenda A. Simms, Environmental Services Assistant

Night Watch (423.718.6696)

Rita Hayman, A.A., Night Watchperson
Gary Marzello, Nightwatch Supervisor