Online Writing Center FAQs

What can an online writing consultation do for me?

At the Online Academic Support Center, we believe that writers need readers.  Why?  Because writers write for readers.  When you write, you participate in a conversation—a conversation between you and your reader.  But unlike other kinds of conversations, your reader usually won’t have the opportunity to ask for more explanation, clarify meanings of words, or point out gaps in your logic.  Working with an online writing consultant helps you identify potential questions about your text so you can make it clearer and more convincing—before you present your finished work to your audience.

More specifically, if you’re uncertain about how to begin, we can help you understand your assignment and brainstorm.  If you have ideas but can’t get started, we can help you get some words on paper and make a plan.  If you have a specific question about grammar or punctuation, we can help you find the answer.  If you only want to talk through your ideas and test their logic or clarity, we’re excited about discussing them with you.

What is an online writing consultation?

An Online consultation offers you the opportunity to share your developing text with a trained reader.  It’s a chance for you to share your writing with someone else and to get answers to questions that often trouble writers: “Does this idea make sense?” “Does my paper flow alright?” “Do I have enough support for this point?”

What exactly happens during an online consultation?

We don’t have a checklist of tasks to accomplish in each consultation; rather, we tailor each meeting to our online clients’ individual needs.  When you submit your text to an online writing consultant, you should include a list of questions or concerns you have about your work. Your writing consultant will review your text and respond to the specific questions you present. In addition, your writing consultant will direct you to additional online support materials that will help you develop your critical thinking, analysis, and, composition skills.

Will my online writing consultant proofread my paper?

We can’t proofread your paper for you because our goal is not simply to help you turn in a better paper; it’s to help you become a better writer.  If we proofread your paper, you won’t learn how to do that job on your own.  Instead, we will help you acquire the skills that you need to proofread your paper for yourself.  We will certainly answer any questions you have; we can help you get started proofreading and guide you through the process.  In the end, though, proofreading is up to you.

When is an online writing consultant available?

Visit WCONLINE to view a schedule of when our online writing consultants are available.  You can log in to the system and schedule appointments at any time.  However, you may only schedule appointments 24 hours or more in advance.

How do I schedule an online writing consultation?

Once you have registered an account with WCONLINE, use the Schedules dropdown menu and select “AGS and Dual Enrollment Writing Tutors.”  Navigate to the week you wish to make an appointment and locate the desired date and tutor name.  You may then click on any white square, indicating an available time slot for an appointment, and fill in the required information.

You may choose to schedule “Online” tutoring, which means you will return to WCONLINE and meet with your tutor in real time, or you may choose “eTutoring,” where you upload a paper and receive notification when your tutor has responded with comments.  Visit this step-by-step guide on setting up and attending online tutor consultations.

How many online writing consultations may I have per week?

You may request 2 online consultations per week lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Will my professor know that I worked with an online writing consultant?

Yes.  We will notify your instructor that you completed an online writing consultation. Throughout the semester, your instructor may encourage or ask you to work with an online consultant as well.

Are online writing consultations only for class assignments?

You may request assistance for writing you are completing in one of your courses at Bryan College or for writing such as résumés, cover letters, and job and school applications.