Debate Team

The Bryan College Debate Team is a student-led parliamentary debate team that has been competing on a local, regional, and national level since 2006. The team meets weekly and competes in 4-5 tournaments a semester.

The Debate Team exists because we believe that debate is an invaluable catalyst in rhetoric and persuasive communication, and that it effectively trains students to think critically and speak well on a variety of issues. The Debate Team is open to students with or without prior debate or public speaking experience.  See News & Highlights story.

For more information, contact Faculty Sponsor Michael Palmer.

Photo Gallery

The Bryan College Debate Team at the Berea Tournament. L-R: Stephen Hill, Natalie Henry, Rebecca Wilson, Susan Wright, Lawrence LaPlue, Tori Stewart, Paul Shanks.

Enjoying dinner at Cracker Barrel after the Tennessee State Debate Tournament. L-R Jandi Heagen, Stephen Hill, Lawrence LaPlue, Tori Stewart, Justus Stout, Susan Wright, Vincent Smith.

Preparing for a round at the TIFA Tournament. L-R: Brittany McGehee, Melissa Peters, Tori Stewart, Mrs. Darlene LaPlue, Paul Shanks, Jandi Heagen, Lawrence, LaPlue, Eric McEachron.
Celebrating a successful tournament at Walter State Community College. L-R: Eric McEachron, Melissa Peters, Rachel Welch, Brittany McGehee, Tori Stewart, Brian Thomas.