73 students recognized at Honors Day chapel
April 23, 2012

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Seventy-three students were recognized for academic or personal achievement during Bryan’s Honors Day chapel April 23. In addition, several staff and faculty members were recognized.

Student Awards

Myles Hixson, F.R. Rogers Senior Award in Bible, presented to a senior who excels as a Bible student and who manifests true Christian consecration.
Savannah Stroud, John C. Anderson Award, presented to a biblical studies major who has achieved the highest academic level throughout his or her Bible program. She also received the Elinor Fox Baker Leadership Scholarship, presented to a woman majoring in biblical studies.                           
Matt Green, Christian Ministry Award to Outstanding Senior, presented in recognition of achievement in that major.
Sarah Becker, Senior Communication Studies Scholarship Award, presented to an outstanding student in that major.
Chris Leary, Commoner Senior Award, presented for outstanding service to the college yearbook staff.
Catherine Rogers, Triangle Senior Award, presented for outstanding service to the student newspaper.
Shannon McGowan, Outstanding Senior in History, presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the major. She also received the Outstanding Senior in Politics and Government award, presented for outstanding accomplishments in that major.
Kyle Thomas, F.R. Rogers Senior Award in Music, presented to a senior who excels as a music student, and who manifests true Christian consecration.
Kristen Underwood and Kyle Thomas, Chorale Member of the Year, presented for outstanding contribution to the Bryan Chorale.
Vincent Smith, William Jennings Bryan Philological Award, presented to a graduating English major who has demonstrated a love of language and literature; and Outstanding Senior in Spanish Award, for accomplishments in that major.
Alissa Passburg, Richard M. Cornelius Award of Excellence in Research Writing, presented to a graduating senior English major whose senior thesis, in the determination of the English faculty, best exemplifies the standards of excellence upheld by Dr. Cornelius.
Jessica Tameler, Williard L. Henning Biology Award, presented to a senior Biology major who has completed 20 hours of biological and related courses, and is be of noble character and good reputation.
Sammy Foster, Senior Mathematics Award, presented for outstanding accomplishment in the major.
Lauren Estes, Outstanding Senior in Business, presented for outstanding accomplishment in the major.
Kirkpatrick Barnett
Lydia Kirkpatrick, (elementary education) and Sara Barnett, (secondary education), Mrs. E.B. Arnold Student Teacher Award, presented to the student teachers who has shown the greatest promise in the teaching field.
Bryson Harper, Outstanding Senior in Exercise and Health Science, presented for outstanding achievement in the major.
Shannon McGowan and Bryson Harper, Lion of Valor Award, presented to the top male and female athlete at Bryan College, who excel in their respective sports and model the character qualities of Christ on and off the field of play.
Hannah Fleming, Senior Psychology Award, presented for outstanding achievement in the major.
Carlin Nasiatka, Stephen P. Bradshaw Award, presented for excellence in the integration of Christianity and psychology.
Brad McKeehan, The Lawrence E. and Lillian C. Payne Scholarship, a scholarship awarded to a continuing student pursuing a Biblical Studies major at Bryan.
Andrew Conn, Robert and Nita Anderson Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a Baptist student preparing for foreign missionary service.
Matthew Wilkinson, Charles A. and Theda F. Thomas Scholarship, presented to a Bible major.
John Franklin, Lizzie Reis-Orin A. Keach Educational Fund, presented to a student planning to enter a Christian vocation.
Dicks Franklin Shortt
Brian Dicks, Jared Franklin, and Brannon Shortt, D.B. Rice Scholarships, presented to students pursuing a minor in Bible or Christian Education and planning a career of vocational Christian service.
Matt Jolly, John D. Lawson Scholarship, presented to a deserving student who is preparing for vocational Christian ministry.
Andrew Kuhn, Gordon and Janice Lou Alley Scholarship, presented to a student who intends to enter full-time Christian service.
Leila Barker, R. Kent and Margie B. Mann Scholarship, presented to a deserving student.
Jack Saunders, Anna C. Robinson Memorial Scholarship, presented to a student preparing for a church-related ministry.
Heather McIntyre, Christian Ministry Award to Outstanding Underclassman, presented for outstanding achievement in the major.
Clarissa Stewart, Catherine McDonald Communications Scholarship, presented to an outstanding underclassman in the communication studies major.
Taylor Belisle, Paul Long Scholarship, presented to a deserving student.
Green Jackson Thomas
Alex Green, Dan Jackson, and Anna Kat Thomas, Theodore C. and Alice M. Mercer Scholarship, presented to editors of the student newspaper.
Hannah Kelly, Commoner Grant, presented to a deserving member of the college yearbook staff.
Fox Huff
Luke Fox and Brian Huff, Haynes Hilltop Player Leadership Award, presented to students instrumental in advancing the theatre program at Bryan College.
Alexis Landry, Rachel Morgan Patron Award, presented to a theatre major who displays Christ-like attitude and leadership qualities.
Jacob Hawkins, History Award to an Outstanding Underclassman, presented to the underclassman achieving the highest average in the History of Western Civilization class.
Ashton Alexander, Outstanding Underclass in Politics and Government, based on achievement in the major. He also received the Brynoff Scholarship in English, presented to a student with ability and personal character.
Jager Smith
Kristen Jager and Melissa Smith, Virginia M. Schmickl Music Award, presented to the highest achiever in the freshman class music major.
Byers Huff
Drew Byers and Brian Huff, Mary McDonald Groves Music Scholarship, presented to outstanding music students.
Hughes Landry Molzahn
Natalie Hughes, Alexis Landry, and Michelle Molzahn, M.A. Cooley Memorial Music Scholarship, presented to students who demonstrate special music ability.
Randy Bright, Harold C. and Ruthanna Almond Music Scholarship, presented to a music student who demonstrates exemplary Christian character, scholastic ability, and dedicated talent.
Marianna Stern, Roe F. & Zelma I. Black Memorial Scholarship in Music, presented to a student based on ability, interest in music, and personal character.
Lynnette Musser, Ralph E. and Rebecca H. Toliver MK Scholarship, presented to a student whose parents are overseas career missionaries.
Anna Beaty, Outstanding Underclassman in Spanish, presented to an outstanding student in the major.
Robin Harrison, Fred and Dot Wagoner Scholarship, presented to a deserving student demonstrating academic and Christian commitment. She also received the CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, given to the student with the highest average in the introductory chemistry class.
Daniel Katz, Frank J. Schmickl Mathematics Scholarship, presented to the freshman with the highest average in the mathematics major.
Scott Rieckhoff, Mathematics Scholarship – This scholarship is to be awarded in advance of each academic year to a student pursuing a mathematics or computer science major at Bryan College.
Ethan Rethemeier, Paul McCarthy Scholarship, presented to a deserving computer science major.
Meagan McIntyre, Mercer and Bernyce Clementson Scholarship, presented to a business administration major who demonstrates leadership potential.
Nathaniel Eastwood, Al Page Memorial Scholarship, presented to an outstanding business student.
Racie-Helen Miller, Business Scholarship, presented to a business student who shows potential for success.
Thomas Stines, Nannie Ketner McDonald Education Scholarship, presented to an education student who demonstrates academic merit and progress.
Jana Galambos, Ann Burwick Scholarship, presented to a psychology student who is interested in a counseling ministry.
Angela Schimpf, Psychology Achievement Award, presented to a freshman displaying promise in the major.
Lia Varela, Robert and Nancy Spoede Sanctity of Human Life Award, presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a commitment to the biblical principles of the sacredness and dignity of human life and to the cause of the pro-life movement.
J. Newport K. Newport Shaw
Josiah Newport, Kaziah Newport, and Catherine Shaw, Harry V. Schnabel, Jr. Award, presented to students whose parents are missionaries or full-time Christian workers.
Nate Adams, Judson A. Rudd Testimony and Influence Award, presented to the upperclassman having an outstanding Christian testimony and exerting the best Christian influence on incoming students. The selection is made by the freshman class.
Hutcherson Thompson
Taylor Hutcherson and Erica Thompson, Bryan Center for Leadership Initiatives Scholar Grant, presented to deserving students.
Brian Penny, Helen M. Johnson Scholarship, presented to a student who has shown outstanding qualities that are part of the Bryan community.
Sarah Wood, Wilma Harrow Scholarship, presented to a deserving student.

Steele Jones
Lydia Steele, (presentation), and Will Jones (research essay), received the Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research Awards in recognition of excellence in academic research in the respective areas of presentation and research.

New Award for 2012

From left, Dr. Bradshaw, Carlin Nasiatka, and Dr. Clark Rose, who announced the Brashaw Award.
The Stephen P. Bradshaw award, mentioned above, was created this year to honor Dr. Bradshaw, head of the psychology department, who is celebrating his 35th year teaching at Bryan. The award will be presented annually to an outstanding psychology student.

Staff and Faculty Awards

Mr. Jim Kinser, multi-media manager/events facilitator, Staff Member of the Year Award.
Dr. Brian Eisenback, Teacher of the Year Award.

Dr. Salvatore Musumeci, Scholar of the Year Award.