Oxford Reference Suite’s Sweet Timelines

by Emily Hampton, library intern
Anyone with a history test or an appearance on Jeopardy coming up should check this out.  One of the library’s database resources, Oxford Reference Suite, offers detailed timelines under their “History” section.  You can narrow your timeline by period, century, or continent, and even further customize it by choosing a “theme” like art, religion or technology.

Toy with the timelines by following these steps (you’ll need to be signed in with your Bryan ID):
1.      Click the Articles & Databases tab on the library homepage.
2.      Select Oxford Reference Suite from the drop-down bar on the right.
3.      Choose History near the top of the Oxford page.
4.      Then hit Timelines from the blue menu box on the left.
Happy history hunting!

What Do You Recommend?

by Emily Hampton, library intern

Have a book recommendation for the library collection?  The library has a form on our website for any book, journal or magazine you think the library should offer.  Just click here, or follow this path from the library homepage:

1.      Click the About the Library tab.
2.      Select the Policies and Forms link.
3.      Under Forms, find “Recommend A Book, Journal or Magazine.”
4.      Fill out the info and send it off!

The library will review all recommendations and get back to you soon.  It’s a great way to help contribute to the library we all share.

Help Rebuild the Library Collection of Forman Christian College (Pakistan)

The Council for Independent Colleges has posted the following request:

The only liberal arts university in Pakistan, Forman Christian College (FCC) is seeking books from faculty members and others who have developed professional libraries in their areas of expertise. These would be books that are duplicates or ones that are no longer needed in the faculty member's professional library.  FCC is seeking accreditation in the U.S., and the quality of the library, currently a point of vulnerability that must be remedied quickly, is a central concern of any regional accrediting agency.

A note from From Forman Christian College President Emeritus Peter H. Armacost provides more background on the request:
Thank you very much for your interest in helping Forman Christian College (FCC) solve the problem created during the control of FCC by the Government of the Punjab from 1972 to 2003.  During that period of time no books were added to the library which had once been regarded as one of the best in Pakistan....Books published from 1972 to 2003 would be especially helpful, but our needs are not limited to that period of time.
If any of the Bryan faculty (present or retired) have books that can be used for this request, please bring them to the Bryan College Library by Friday, December 14. They will be collected and shipped to the FCC library. Thanks for your help in this.

From the Director

I was thinking that I have not written a sentimental “Gee whiz, it’s that time of year again isn’t it?” column for a long time. I blame it on the fact that there are always so many other things to alert our readers about and I usually think of such columns when I’m the reader as space filler written by someone who would rather be doing something other than writing a column. But perhaps there really is something important in remembering where we are as our lives march toward eternity, and relating that to what we are about right now.
For me it feels like Thanksgiving was the first chance I have had this semester--indeed this whole calendar year--to catch my breath and reflect on anything other than the “tyranny of the urgent.” The BC Library staff, like all of you, are still busy doing their jobs superbly while they honor the Lord at work as well as at home and in the community in their daily lives. They offer dozens of services in an extremely professional manner while managing to keep that personal touch that we all appreciate here at Bryan College. On their behalf, I would like to solicit your prayers—not necessarily at the top of your list. But just pray for them if you think of it when you look this way and see the library or when you darken the door. We all have challenges at home and work to walk through. Let’s continue to “keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3) by keeping prayer for each other in the forefront of our minds as we go about our business on campus and face the challenging days ahead.
I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you. May each of you have a supremely blessed Christmas Season this year!

Dr. Gary Fitsimmons
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