Student Honors
April 29, 2005

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Seventy-four students have been recognized for academic achievement, leadership or significant contribution to the life of the college during Honors Day chapel services April 25 and April 27.

P.A. Boyd Prize awarded students whose "principles and character have secured for them the highest degree of influence over their fellow students."
Robert D. Marston Scholarship awarded a student working his or her way through college
Virginia M. Schmickl Music Award given to the highest achiever in the freshman class in the music major
Mary McDonald Groves Music Scholarship
M.A. Cooley Memorial Music Scholarship awarded students who demonstrate special musical ability
James H. Cooley Scholarship in music
Harold C. and Ruthanna Almond Music Scholarship
Roe F. and Zelma I Black Memorial Music Scholarship
Theodore C. Mercer Scholarship awarded to the rising editor of the student newspaper
Commoner Grant awarded to a deserving yearbook staff member
Mercer and Bernyce Clementson Scholarship awarded to a business student who demonstrates leadership potential
Frank J. Schmickl Scholarship awarded the freshman mathematics major with the highest academic achievement
Catherine McDonald Communications Scholarship
Paul Long Scholarship in art
Haynes Hilltop Players Leadership Award
Rachel Morgan Patron Award
Nannie Ketner McDonald Education Scholarship
  • Mary Gleason of Elizabethton, Tenn.

Fred and Dot Wagoner Scholarship
Lawrence E. and Lillian C. Payne Scholarship
Robert and Nita Anderson Memorial Scholarship awarded a Baptist student preparing for foreign missionary service
Eleanor Fox Baker Leadership Scholarship awarded a woman in the Biblical Studies division of the college
Charles A. and Theda F. Thomas Scholarship
D. B. Rice Scholarship given to students planning a career in vocational Christian service
John D. Lawson Scholarship given to a student preparing for vocational Christian ministry
Christian Studies Award
Christian Education Award
  • Sarah Dingus of Kingsport, Tenn.

Anna C. Robinson memorial Scholarship
Psychology Achievement Award
Ann Burwick Scholarship
  • Laura Watlington of Whitwell, Tenn.

Al Page memorial Scholarship
Mathematics Scholarship
Judson A. Rudd Testimony and Influence Award
Senior Communication Studies Scholarship Award
Doris Morgan Scholarship
Paul McCarthy Scholarship
Ada Lovelace Excellence in Programming Award
Richard "Archie" Cole Memorial Fund Award
History Award to an Outstanding Underclassmen
R. Kent and Margie B. Mann Scholarship
Rev. Robert Orval Sypolt Athletic Scholarship
Brynoff Scholarship in English awarded an English major with ability and personal character
Warren and Karyn Wells Scholarship
Dwight W. Ryther Memorial Scholarship presented to children or grandchildren of Bryan alumni
  • Katrina Courtright of Matthews, N.C.

Ralph E. and Rebecca H. Toliver MK Scholarship
Harry V. Schnabel, Jr., Award
Helen M. Johnson Award
  • Holly Gaskin of Fayetteville, N.C.

Elizabeth Jane Cornwall Married Student Scholarships
CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Outstanding Underclassman in Exercise and Health Science Award
  • Michelle Brenner of Gilbert, Ariz.

F.R. Rogers Senior Award in Bible given to outstanding senior Bible majors
Robert and Nancy Spoede Sanctity of Human Life Award in recognition of contributions to pro-life efforts
Melvin M. Seguine Award given to a graduating male student who is planning to continue in graduate studies to prepare for a career as a missionary or pastor
  • Charles Gann of Chattanooga, Tenn.

John C. Anderson Award given to an outstanding Biblical Studies major
Christian Education Award for an Outstanding Senior
Commoner Outstanding Senior Award for service to the college yearbook staff
F.R. Rogers Senior Award in Music outstanding accomplishment in music
Hilltop Players Senior Award for outstanding service to the college drama troupe
Outstanding Senior in Business Award
  • Oksana Datsko of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

History Department Senior Award for outstanding achievement in that major
Senior Math Award for outstanding achievement in math
Outstanding Senior in Computer Science Award
  • Michael Stone of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mrs. E.B. Arnold Student Teacher Award given to student teachers who have shown the greatest promise in the teaching field
Psychology Award given to an outstanding senior in psychology
  • Amanda Carlisle of Dayton, Tenn.

Outstanding Senior in Exercise and Health Science Award
  • Elizabeth Bass of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Triangle Senior Award in recognition of contributions to the student newspaper staff
  • Cathy Chapman of Dayton, Tenn.

Triangle Service Award in recognition of service to the student newspaper
  • Olivia Fessler of New Carlisle, Ohio

William Jennings Bryan Philological Award in recognition of accomplishments as an English major
  • Daniel Gleason of Elizabethton, Tenn.

Willard L. Henning Biology Award for outstanding accomplishment in biology

Faculty/Staff Honors

Outstanding Teacher Award
Staff Member of the Year Award
Five Years of Service Recognition
Ten Years of Service Recognition
Fifteen Years of Service Recognition
Twenty-Five Years of Service Recognition
Thirty Years of Service Recognition