Winter Term Course Descriptions


BIB 224 New Testament Literature & Interpretation

A historical overview of the books of the New Testament that emphasizes the theological unity of the overall message of the New Testament as it climaxes the biblical metanarrative; that appreciates each book's unique contribution to New Testament theology; that discusses the basic principles of New Testament interpretation (hermeneutics) and their practical application within the genres of New Testament literature such as the Gospels, parables, Acts (New Testament history), epistles, and Revelation (New Testament apocalyptic literature).

CT 113 Christian Worldview

What do you believe?  Why do you believe it?  What difference does it make?  This course compares basic worldviews and their implications for life, and will also present the main components of a Christian worldview, as well as respond to challenges to that belief system.

EHS 149 Foundations of Physical Education & Sport

This course provides an introduction to physical education and sport including the historical, sociological, and philosophical foundations of such.  Examines career possibilities, aims and objectives, and contemporary views of physical education and sport.  Emphasis is given to discussing ethical questions that arise and on incorporating a biblical worldview in the development of a basic philosophy of physical education and sport.

EHS 222 School & Community Health 

This course introduces principles of health, disease, and disabilities, with special emphasis on school health services, community health, and responsibility to promote healthful living, communicable disease control, and sanitation.  Four hours of practicum required.

EHS 229 Introduction to Sports Coaching

This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding the qualifications, skills, and issues relative to the profession of sports coaching, as well as developing his/her personal philosophy for coaching sport

MUS 210 Music Appreciation

A survey course designed to investigate the nature and role of music. Emphasis on the elements of music, the characteristic styles of historical periods, and the lives and works of key composers.

PSY 111 General Psychology

This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the field of Psychology. Students should also begin to understand the science of Psychology through the eyes of a Biblical understanding of behavior. The student should also develop an understanding of current research in the field of Psychology. Practical application of some of the principles of psychology into the student's personal life is also a course emphasis. This survey course should provide a foundation for further study in Psychology.

SS 211 Intro Sociology, Economics & Government

A survey course of the institutions of society, economics, and government dealing with the principles and relationships of those institutions.