Anti-trafficking courses offered at Bryan College

Bryan College first offered courses on the issue of Human Trafficking in the Fall Semester of 2012 and has continued to grow its course offering on the subject since then. Bryan College will be offering both a minor and major option in this field of study as early as next fall as a part of the Politics and Government Department at Bryan College. Below is a brief sampling of the courses offered thus far along with ongoing and future course offerings as well.

PSGS293  Criminal Justice Seminar: Fighting Human Trafficking | Fall 2012 | 3 credit hours
Professor: Col. Ron Petitte

This course offers students the opportunity to engage in symposium and conference linked seminars that focus on the regional, national and/or international levels of the discipline, e.g. “The Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking” which offering linked to Bryan College’s first international conference on the subject, to a seminar on critical thought and practice. Additionally, students may have opportunities to attend conferences, symposia, and/or workshops in Government, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, and other related fields to earn appropriate credit.

PSGS491: Trafficking in Persons | 3 credit hours | Spring 2012
Professor: Col. Ron Pettite

This survey course provides a broad overview of international human trafficking based upon the U.S. State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report. Special attention is paid to specific countries and the examination of their individual efforts, or lack thereof, to combat human trafficking within their borders.

PSGS 291 Selected Topics: Intro to Human Trafficking | Summer 2012
Professor: Ben Norquist

A survey course of domestic and international trafficking issues that focuses on the history, conditions, and impact of modern slavery, as well as the ways governments, organizations, and individuals can combat it. 

PSGS 291 Selected Topics: Domestic Human Trafficking | Summer 2012
Professor: Ben Norquist

This course offers a focused exploration of the realities of human trafficking and modern slavery in the United States. Psychological, political, economic, cultural and sociological aspects will be considered. Special attention will be given to specific political, economic and cultural approaches to abolition in the United States.

PSGS291 ST: International Human Trafficking | Spring 2013
Professor: Ben Norquist

This course will focus on international human trafficking culminating in a trip to Cambodia to gain hands on experience with how human trafficking is being combatted there. Alongside key partners in the field, Bryan College is facilitating this study group to take a close look at the realities of trafficking in Cambodia and the strategies and individuals in the movement for abolition. Participants will be enrolled in International Human Trafficking, a three-credit course meeting throughout the spring, to formally study a theology of justice and the mechanics of human trafficking with attention to supply and demand issues, vulnerability factors, and approaches to aftercare, law enforcement, and policy making.
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