Bethany Diamond, ' 12

Major          Politics and Government

Career       Member of Congress Staff Assistant

When Politics and Government graduate Bethany Diamond, ’12, gave up a family vacation to campaign during election week, she wasn’t just going door-to-door for the candidate – she was working her way toward Washington.

Three years later, she’s a Staff Assistant to a member of Congress and calls the capitol her home. But the journey to D.C. was a lengthy one, with Bethany involving herself in local politics, gleaning wisdom from her professors, and earning a paid internship with the Council for National Policy.

Bethany says, “My weekends were spent campaigning door to door, assisting with fundraising events, or attending Lincoln Day dinners. I even skipped out on a family vacation to NYC in order to spend that time campaigning, as it was election week.”

Bethany’s hard work paid off as the candidate was elected and her involvement in the political arena continued as she commuted between Dayton and Chattanooga to intern in his office.

Today, Bethany attributes her success in landing a job in her field of study to the relationships she built with professionals in her field before graduating.
“You have to build those connections, show them that you are a hard worker, selfless, dedicated, motivated, and teachable,” she said. “More importantly, you have to build trust. In politics, this is like finding a needle in a haystack. In order to build those things, you need to actively seek involvement with a political party and legislature – internships are the perfect way to obtain this.”

While internships and thinking outside the box played a role in Bethany starting a career in her preferred field, she also considers her time spent at Bryan key in her success, giving her a strong biblical foundation in government. The rigorous classes also challenged her to develop her own ideas based on the texts studied in class.

“My professors challenged me to wrestle with the ideas, create my own perspectives, and develop the ability to take copious amounts of material and condense it into smaller and succinct concepts,” said Bethany. “What was most valuable, however, were my interactions.”

For Bethany, the presentations, research papers, lengthy speeches and debates in and out of the classroom gave her the skills she now relies upon in her career.
“More importantly, my professors were usually available when I had a question about a test or advice on how to fix a speech,” she said. “They invested their time and energy, and were passionate about what they did.”  

Bethany resides in Arlington, Va., and spends the majority of her time as a Staff Assistant communicating with constituents and coordinating tours for those who visit Washington.