Sun Jin Jun, '12

Major              Business 
From the very beginning, Sun Jin Jun, ’12, believed God brought him to Bryan, despite his efforts to attend a university in South Korea, his native country. The last five years at Bryan have taught him that his plans are flexible, and that God has a plan for his future.

“The process of coming to Bryan went so quickly, and I wondered if God was leading me here,” he said. “I definitely felt it after I came here in 2008.”

At first, Sun Jin disliked living in the “Bryan bubble,” but after serving his term in the South Korean military, he decided that Bryan was a unique place to grow and strengthen his fundamental  beliefs.

“I’ve really tried to grow a lot here – to learn the Christian worldview and build my core values. After coming back from the army, I became very thankful for Bryan and its professors. They are passionate about what they are teaching and they love the students,” he said. “No one else anywhere else asks for prayer requests at the beginning of class. It’s easy to take those things for granted, but I want to apply those things and share that same love with others.”

Sun Jin did not just graduate with a Bryan degree – the relationships and closely-knit community at Bryan will stick with him for the rest of his life, because, as an international student, he found Bryan to be a place where he could easily meet someone new and instantly feel connected and comfortable.

“Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that no matter who I was, or what I did, all my friends and professors didn’t treat me differently at all,” he said. “I never felt like I was being judged because they just loved me and hung out with me. They made the Bryan environment very friendly.”

Since graduation in December 2012, Sun Jin hopes to put his economics and finance business degree to work at the Korean Theological Seminary in Los Angeles where his parents are on furlough. As the seminary begins its accreditation process, Sun Jin plans to use his English skills to help with documentation and meetings with accreditation officials. After six months, he’ll either find another job in the States, or return to Korea.

“I want to work in the business world, but I’m not going to limit myself,” he said. “I’m open to other options that God may give me. I’m excited to see the path God has for me. “