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When you come up the hill and drive through the gates, you know immediately that there's something different about Bryan College - something that can't be captured in a brochure or on a website or in any list of facts and figures. 
Is it the setting? That's part of it - the wide sky, the foothills rising just beyond the campus buildings, the forests and rivers just a few miles away. But lots of colleges have beautiful settings. 
The people are what really sets Bryan apart. The professors know their students and care about their success and happiness, while still holding them to high academic standards. The students care about each other, too. Encouraging and challenging one another, they are close without being closed off. They're open and welcoming, as you'll see from the moment you set foot on campus. 
Every campus visit includes a guided tour and a meeting with an admissions counselor. You may request to stay overnight in a residence hall, attend chapel, eat in the dining hall, sit in on classes, or meet with professors. 

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