Frequently Asked Questions

How many majors does Bryan offer?
  •  Bryan offers 22 unique majors with over 40 distinct options.
Where do Bryan students come from?
  • Our student body is made up of 38 states and 12 countries.
What types of high schools did Bryan students attend?
  • 45% of our students graduated from public high schools, 28% were homeschooled, 22% graduated from private high schools, 5% went to other types of schools.
Does Bryan offer any dual enrollment programs for high school students?
  • Our dual enrollment classes are offered onsite, online, and at our partner sites. Some classes are taught by the same professors that teach our traditional students. Dual enrolled students may enroll in 100 and 200 level courses and Tennessee residents who qualify for the Hope Dual Enrollment Grant can use that to defray costs.
What is the average ACT score for incoming students?
  • Bryan students average a 24 on the ACT.
What is the average GPA for incoming students?
  • The average GPA for incoming students is 3.7.
What percentage of Bryan's professors hold terminal degrees?
  • 85% of our professors hold a PhD or terminal degree.
How large is Bryan's campus?
  • Our campus is 128 acres and is surrounded by the foothills of the Smokey Mountains.
How many athletic teams does Bryan have?
Does Bryan offer any study abroad programs?
  • Our semester in Italy program is open to all students and several other opportunities are available to specific majors.
What types of internships does Bryan offer?
  • Bryan provides many internships through our career services department as well as international Internships through a program called the Acts project.
What percentage of graduates are accepted into graduate school?
  • 92% of our graduates that apply for graduate school are accepted without condition.
Do Bryan graduates receive a job after graduation?
  • 92% of our graduates are employed in their first or second choice of employment.