Dual Enrollment Fine Arts Class FAQs

  • Will this course transfer to other universities?
    The course offered in Italy is FA 211 Introduction to Fine Arts. All colleges set their own transfer policies, however, so individual institutions may determine to count this credit differently and there are some colleges that do not take transfer credit. Bryan College is regionally-accredited institution, which is the highest form of accreditation available, and most colleges in the United States will accept Bryan College credits.
  • Will my student be carefully chaperoned?
    Absolutely! Your student’s safety is important to us. This trip will be hosted and led by a team of Bryan College Faculty and Staff, as well on-site partners who have taken student tour groups through Italy for over a decade.
  • Will I need any extra spending money?
    The cost of the trip covers airfare, tuition, room & board, travel (Alps, Venice, Florence, Rome), and 3 meals a day. Any additional souvenirs or purchases desired will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Which airport should I fly into when coming to Bryan College?
    Chattanooga Airport (CHA) is the closest airport to Bryan College. Knoxville Airport (TYS) would be the second best option.
  • How do I get from the airport to Bryan College?
    There will be scheduled airport pickups to both the Chattanooga and Knoxville Airports.
  • Will there be overnight accommodations for guests who need to arrive the night before Orientation at Bryan College?
    Yes, contact BIll Harle for more information.
  • What about dietary considerations?
    We will accommodate dietary considerations to the best of our ability! Contact BIll Harle for more information.
  • Can parents or other family members come on the trip?
    Parents are absolutely welcome! Other family members will be considered based on age and situation. Contact BIll Harle for more information.
  • Where is the main Italy location for the class?
    Bryan College partners with Saints Bible Institute. SBI is located in a beautiful farming area about 1 hour northwest of Venice. 
  • What textbooks will I need to buy?
    All your text books will be available for rent on the Italian campus. There is no need to purchase any textbooks.
  • Passport Information
    You will need to acquire a passport ASAP. If you currently have a passport, make sure that it does not expire for six months after the return date (May 31st) in order for it to be valid to travel. You should go to travel.state.gov for information on new passports or renewing passports.