What partners are saying...

“From the first time that the Bryan College Worldview Team came and shared with our students, I was convinced that what they were presenting was exactly what our students needed to hear.  The message brought by the team was very clear, extremely relevant, and grounded in the Word of God.  The team obviously understands young people and knows how to connect with them.  Their use of media and music definitely caught the attention of our students and engaged them in a way that mattered to our students.  The small group times, led by members of the team, were thought-provoking and challenging, generating much discussion from the students.  The team members did a great job of weaving these discussions toward biblical truth.  We have had the Bryan College Worldview Team return twice since their initial visit because of the impact they are having on our young people.  I truly believe that this is one of the most valuable tools we can provide for our students, and, with great anticipation, I look forward to the team coming each year.”  (Matthew Philips, Nashville, TN)*

“In November, the Bryan College Worldview Initiative team came to speak with students from our small Christian school.  Knowing that their program was geared primarily toward juniors and seniors, we were initially concerned that our middle schoolers wouldn't reap the full benefits.  Imagine how thrilled we were when we saw our 7th and 8th graders completely engaged with the presentation and participating avidly.  Andrew McPeak and his team were fantastic!  The program itself is highly interactive and students are rarely seated in one area for more than 30 minutes.  Small break-out sessions throughout the day allowed students the opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions, making this a very personal experience.  The Bryan College team went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the weekend and even provided a pep rally for our middle and upper schools.  Feedback from the program itself has been superb!  Several of our students have let us know that they considered it life-changing, and we look forward to having Bryan College back in the future.” (Barbara Hanks, Callaway, MD)*

"I so appreciated your professionalism, your passion, and your skillful way of presenting. I did ask the students to respond to a few questions the next morning. I can't remember such a universally positive report concerning something that we offered. They truly were blessed in many ways. You really helped them come face to face with some very important issues. Time after time, I read their recommendations to have you back again sometime. I think the three year cycle is a great idea. Please count us in!! May God continue to use you and the others as you work as Kingdom-builders."  (Mike Myers, Headmaster, Lancaster, PA)

"My experience with the Bryan College Worldview Team was excellent from the first contact.  [...] The Bryan students were phenomenal.  They initiated conversations with kids at both the high school and middle school levels and were really engaged throughout the time they were here.  I thought they were thoroughly prepared both for their presentations and they were coached about how to interact with kids, even during breaks and "down time".  As well, both the families they stayed with spoke glowingly about their interactions with them and the quality of students from Bryan [...]  I would love work with this team in the future with a follow up, a more in depth presentation on a couple of the components..."   (Kathy Hirleman, Middle School Principal, Kansas City, KS)*

"You had a lot of material to cover, but did it very well. You presented it all in the most basic way possible and were interactive enough to keep the students attention and interest. This will help the students to pursue the truth in a deep, holistic way.”   (Youth Pastor)

"Very informative! I feel better prepared to train my children. The leaders were very wise and well prepared.”   (Homeschooling Parent)

“I learned a lot! I see these worldviews everyday around me and now realized that I have even accepted some of their ideas unconsciously. Thanks for making me aware of these fallacies.”   (High School Student)

"You all have, well, pretty much shattered my simple ideological bubble; but, I am really glad you have. I have actually been provoked to critically think about my faith and the faith systems of others. I have learned so much. Thank you!"    (High School Student)