2003-2006 Operational Relationships

Scenic Land School – an initiative to train Czech and Slovak teachers in state of the art methods and techniques for working with learning disabled students  October 2006
The Civic Association MOVITA – a cooperation with MOVITA to organize, support and manage the new crisis center for abused women and children in Pezinok, Slovakia  October 2006
Rotary Support Project for the Pezinok, Slovakia Crisis Center – funding and oversight support for the Pezinok Crisis Center by the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach, Florida and the International Rotary Club of Bratislava, Slovakia  October 2006
The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults -  a link between social agencies in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Central Europe to exchange program information to help ensure the rights and personal security of women and children  November 2006
Presbyterian Campus Ministries – a partnership with PCM to recruit students, organize internships and secure funding for the Ugandan Student Internship Program  July 2006
St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s Episcopal Churches  Chattanooga, Tennessee – funding for human trafficking lectures and staff training support for the Pezinok, Slovakia Crisis Center for abused women and children  November 2005, September 2006
Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission  Beius, Romania – a cooperation designed to assist REMM with project needs by securing the services of individuals with expertise or abilities related to ministry projects  February 2005
Greater Europe Mission  Brno, Czech, Republic - partnership in university business lectures and business consultation activities  May 2004, November 2004
Krizovatka Inc.  Trnava, Slovakia – lecture and ministry presentation  April 2004
Central European Studies Center (SEN)  Bratislava, Slovakia – ministry presentation April 2004
Central European Studies Center (SEN)  Bratislava, Slovakia – agreement for development assistance for the website Worldviews-Int.  October 2004
Integra Venture  Bratislava, Slovakia - development of a business review program for Christian entrepreneurs  April 2004, October 2004
The Jan Hus Foundation  Bratislava, Slovakia - agreement to partnership and coordination services for all Bryan College educational activities in Central Europe  October 2004
Connection Slovakia  Trnava, Slovakia - Bryan College assistance in setting up a new youth and counseling ministry  August 2004
The Center for the Reconstruction of Uganda - a partnership established by Bryan College and Christian Life Ministries of Houston, Texas to raise funds for homeless children  December 2003