Residential Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We live so far away. Can we come a day early and move in?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to come early. During the summer, the campus is used for conferences and our Department of Student Services & Ministries needs as much time as possible to get the residence halls ready for students. There are motels in the area if you would like to arrive the night before to be able to move in first thing Saturday morning.
  2. Can we come a day early and just move in our belongings?
    Again, the residence halls are not ready until the official move in day.
  3. Do we have to use the college's insurance plan?
    You do not have to use the school's insurance plan. However, you must have insurance and provide the College with your insurance information as proof of coverage or pay a $200/semester Health Administrative charge. STUDENT ATHLETES are required to have health insurance. However, do not purchase ACSA insurance. ACSA does not include coverage for athletic injuries. We will give information for a provider for student athletes in the near future. Keep checking back for more information.
  4. If we do use the college's insurance, or choose to pay the Health Administrative Charge instead, do we have to pay up front?
    Yes, this will need to be paid for, in full, upon your arrival. There are no payment plans for insurance.
  5. How much will the books cost?
    The average cost for books is between $300 & $500.
  6. Is there a place to store items?
    Yes, each residence hall has storage areas either on a residence hall floor or in a central location. Space is limited but there is a place to store boxes and suitcases during the school year.  During summer breaks, however, no storage of student possessions is provided.
  7. How can I find out who my roommate will be?
    Roommate assignments for the Fall Semester will be finalized during the first week of August. Room assignments for the Spring semester will be finalized during the first week of January.You will be able to view your room assignment and roommate’s name on your eStudent account under ‘My Account’. You will still have two weeks to get in touch with your roommate and discuss practical details together. If you have not heard from us, it may be because we have not received your $200 deposit. No assignments will be made if we have not received your deposit.
  8. Where do I go when I arrive on campus?
    There will be signs when you arrive on campus directing you to the registration desks. Follow the signs to get checked in. (Campus Map)
  9. Is there a way to get cash at Bryan?
    The Business Office can cash a check of up to $50.00 for you. There is also an ATM machine in the Latimer Student Center.
  10. Where can I find banking information:  You can find the banking information here
  11. Do I need to have a physical before coming to Bryan?
    You only need a physical if you are playing sports. The physical will be given here and you will not need to have that done at home.
  12. Is there a doctor that can give allergy shots or medications that I may need?
    Yes.  The Bryan College PolyClinic is a medical facility that provides our students with a doctor and nurse to care for their needs.   
  13. If my parents come to visit, can they eat with me in the campus dining room?
    Yes, parents and other friends are always welcome to eat at the College for a very reasonable cost.
  14. Is there a church service on campus for the students to attend?
    With the exception of an occasional special service, the College does not hold church services. Students are encouraged to get involved in a local church and are required to attend church each Sunday.
  15. Does the college provide any kind of shuttle service for those students without cars?
    The College is unable to provide any sort of shuttle service but there are usually plenty of students with cars and students traditionally have no trouble getting rides.
  16. Can I bring a small refrigerator and a microwave?
    Yes, you may bring these items. Please check your Student Life Handbook for specific information about items that are and are not allowed in the residence halls.
  17. Can I have any pets in my dorm room?
    Fish are the only pets allowed in residence hall rooms.
  18. What are the dimensions of the rooms in the residence halls?
    The dimensions are as follows:
    • Arnold = 15'x15'
    • Huston = 12'x15'
    • Long = 12'x15'
    • Robinson Hall = 13'x16'
    • Woodlee/Ewing = 15'x15'
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