Students ready to take a Break for Change
February 13, 2007

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     Some 95 students, faculty and staff are preparing to Break for Change instead of simply taking a Spring Break March 2-11.
     Seven teams, including a faculty or staff sponsor with two student leaders, will head to three locations in the United States (San Diego, Calif.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and Birmingham, Ala.) as well as four foreign countries (Latvia, Mexico, Peru and Belize).
     Dr. Travis Ricketts, director of Bryan’s Practical Christian Involvement program, said planning for the Break for Change (BFC) trips begins almost as soon as one ends. Student presidents for BFC are chosen, then team leaders are picked and planning for specific venues begins.
     Kyle Parks, BFC co-president with Laura Newport, and team leaders choose locations based on research or personal knowledge and interests. Students are invited to join a team early in the school year, and begin planning, praying together and raising support then.
     This year’s BFC projects include serving at a rescue mission in San Diego, with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in the Philadelphia area; construction in Birmingham, church planting efforts in Latvia and Belize, an orphanage in Mexico, and assisting at a conference for missionaries in Peru.
     “I encourage everybody to try at least one,” Kyle said. “A lot of people go and love it. I don’t know of many people who have a bad time. We hear about missions a lot here. This is a good opportunity to go out, experience missions and live out our faith.”
     While BFC teams provide help to their target ministries, team members can bring back a “fire” for missions, Kyle said. “Maybe it’s a greater love for the Gospel and its power, maybe it’s a broader perspective because you see and experience more than you ever can here.”
     He said teams would appreciate prayer for safety, unity, effective ministry and for as-yet unmet financial needs. He also encouraged friends of team members to “hold them accountable when they get back. Talk with them about their trip and encourage them to pursue the goals they may have set.”