Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common things I should bring when I move to Bryan?

Check out the "What To Bring" page. It has many good ideas for what to bring and what to leave at home.

Is there a curfew for students, and if so, what time is it?

All students are required to be in their residence hall by 12:30 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and by 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Students can stay off-campus for the night to go home or visit a friend, etc., but need to fill out a permission slip identifying their location for the night.

Is it possible to get a room without a roommate?

Currently, single rooms are not available due to the large number of students living on campus. Housing is determined based on a student's number of credit hours earned, so in the event that a room is empty, it is made available based on credit hours earned.

What about getting into a three-person room? How does that work?

It works the same as a single-person room. All housing is based on a seniority basis. If three-person rooms are still available after returning students have made their decisions and signed up for their rooms, then housing for these rooms is made on a first-come, first-serve basis. No student is guaranteed either a single or a triple room.

What is an R.A.?

R.A.s, or Resident Assistants, are senior, junior and sophomore students that seek to encourage community within the residence halls, while also maintaining community living standards. We don't consider them super-heroes...just students with a God-centered desire to minister to their peers.

What is an R.D.?

Resident Directors are post-college individuals that live in the residence halls as full-time Bryan staff members. Part of their role is to maintain community living standards, which can often involve disciplinary matters, but much of their job centers on building relationships with students and providing guidance for life. Resident assistants report directly to the resident directors. Each of Bryan's five residence halls has an R.D.

What kind of pets can I have at Bryan?

You may have fish in any of the residence halls at Bryan. Dogs, cats, snakes, birds and all other pets are not permitted.

Do residents have cable in their rooms?

In an effort to enhance community within the residence halls, cable is not available to students in their rooms. However, cable is installed and available in each residence hall's lounge.

What is "room inspection"?

Room inspection is a weekly task performed by all residents in their rooms. Basically, its purpose is to keep the residence halls clean. The resident assistants conduct room inspection for their individual halls. Guidelines for room inspection are given in the Student Handbook.

What are quiet hours?

In order to preserve a peaceful atmosphere conducive to study and relaxation, quiet hours are in effect between 11:30 p.m. and 9 a.m. Essentially, any action which interferes with another resident's ability to study or sleep during the time is a violation, so playing of music at too high of volume, talking loudly or yelling, etc., is not permitted.

Are points like demerits?

The point system at Bryan is designed to encourage discipline in daily life. It's not uncommon to receive points for room inspection. Students living on campus are permitted 30 points each semester. Points are generally given by resident assistants, the resident directors and the dean of students. These are not condemnatory marks against a person's character; they're reminders to strive harder in conforming to the image of Christ.

Can girls visit guys in their residence halls and vice versa?

The answer is yes and no. Each residence hall has a ground floor common lounge that is open throughout most of the day to visitors. These are great places to watch tv, study, play games or just hang out. Each residence hall is also open during specific times on the weekends, allowing students to visit on the halls and in rooms. This is the only time that male students are permitted past the lounge of a women's residence hall, and vice versa.

What are floor parents?

Floor parents are a great way to get a touch of home away from home. Generally, floor parents are either faculty or staff of Bryan College that "adopt" a floor of students and invite them over to their home once or twice a semester for food and fellowship. There are definite benefits to having floor parents!

I'm not sure if I'll have enough space for what I there some place I could store some things during the semester? I might bring my bike.

Each residence hall has various storage areas available for students to use. Students must have their name labeled on anything put in storage for identification purposes. In addition, Bryan's campus has several bike racks available for student use.

I don't know if I'll bring a mini-fridge with me or not. Is there some place I can keep food?

Each residence hall has a kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave and other kitchen related items.

What about access to the Internet?

All of Bryan's residence halls have wireless Internet capability for students. In addition, each residence hall has a computer lab connected to the Bryan College Intranet.

Where can I do my laundry and how much will it cost me each time?

Each residence hall has laundry facilities that are open all the time. The fee for the laundry facilities is included in your tuition, so you won't have to save your quarters or find someone to make change with.

Can I stay in the residence halls over a break?

For Fall and Spring breaks, which are a total of eight consecutive days, students are permitted to stay in the residence halls but are required to register with the Office of Student Life and pay a housing fee. Students do not have to pay a fee to stay during Thanksgiving and Easter breaks (shorter in duration), but they are required to register with OSL. During Christmas break, students can only stay on campus if they are part of an ongoing school-sponsored event.