Special Services

Some of our services......
  • A widely varied program featuring many self-serve and self-cook concepts such as the Deli Bar, Salad Bar, Grill Station, Omelet Station, Belgian Waffle Bar, Stir-Fry Station, and much more....
  • Sick trays - available with a note of approval from a Resident Assistant.
  • Take-out meals - available for work or school-related conflicts. Advance notice is requested. Be sure and sign up for any specific requests since we do tailor the meals to your liking.
  • Special dietary needs can be accommodated. We ask that an outline of your diet be provided.
  • A food committee is formed each school year through Student Services. We look forward to receiving feedback that will help us serve you better.
  • We are very proud of our nutritional awareness program. We designed it to help you make sound choices concerning your diet and health. A booklet is available to you that explains the program; but should you desire more information, contact A.J. Caudill, Director of Food Services. We hope that you will take advantage of this information.