Frequently Asked Questions

What types of groups might benefit from the experience of a Bryan College Worldview Initiative presentation?
Our programs are specifically designed for high school students. Movement is designed for Junior and Seniors, but is accessible for Freshman and Sophomores as well. Parent programs and teacher training initiatives are also available.  We typically work with churches, Christian schools, parachurch ministries, and homeschool groups.

How can I request a visit from the Worldview Initiative?
Please complete our online form to request information or to schedule a visit. You may wish to view our calendar of scheduled events prior to requesting a specific date.
When will the Worldview Initiative arrive?
The staff will typically arrive sometime between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. the day before the presentation. We will need approximately 1 hour with access to the facility in which our presentation will occur the following day. This allows us to set up our equipment and run checks so we can minimize potential technological problems the day of the presentation. We would also need to have someone available who might assist us with support in case a need arises for us to integrate with any of your on-site equipment.
What is involved in a Worldview Initiative Conference?
The Worldview Initiative Conferences last about 5 hours or a typical school day. The conference includes interactive breakout sessions, pop-culture discussions and multi-media examples. The goal is to present the Christian worldview as a way of acting and being. Each attendee will receive a worldview manual, which will help them understand and remember the concepts presented.
What equipment does the Worldview Initiative require?
The Worldview Initiative requires a projection screen and use of a high quality sound system and wireless microphone. If you do not have one of these items, it is possible that we can provide them. We will always travel with a projector and computer, and we can provide a projector screen if needed.

We do ask that you provide us with someone who can assist us with support in case a need arises for us to integrate with any of your on-site equipment.

Are adults allowed?
Absolutely! Besides events that are geared for adults, we welcome the attendance of parents and teachers. In fact, the presence of adults can often lead to engaging interaction between adults and youth. Such interaction facilitates a better understanding by the adults of the youth culture, and additionally provides them an opportunity to develop a more active mind.
Is there any cost for the Worldview Initiative?
We ask that you cover food, lodging, and travel expenses. It is not uncommon for schools to partner with other schools to share in the costs of bringing the Worldview Initiative; likewise with churches. Typically, groups arrange lodging with host families, who provide breakfast the day of the presentation.

Is there a set figure for the honorarium?
No.  Any honorarium given in addition to the basic cost of a program is entirely up to the host organization.  Though we greatly appreciate any gift since it will help us continue this vital ministry, it is not required.   
Do we provide sleeping accommodations for the staff?
Yes. Usually this is in private homes. This provides further opportunities for Bryan College students to interact with your students. Sometimes host schools/churches have arranged to place youth in the homes of those families who are hosting Worldview Initiative members, expanding the impact of these less formal times of interaction.
What is the schedule of a Worldview presentation? 

Please see descriptions of our programs and the downloadable a sample schedule.     

We hope that you have found this information helpful, and welcome your feedback and further inquiries.