Bryan offers DVD of 'Inherit the Truth'
October 15, 2007

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Bryan College’s critically acclaimed reenactment of the 1925 Scopes Evolution Trial has been filmed and produced on a DVD which college officials hope will help spark deeper study of that often-misunderstood event.

Because of a gift from a friend, the college was able to film “The Scopes Trial: Inherit the Truth” before the 20th annual Scopes Festival in July. Editing and duplicating was completed recently and the two-hour production is available from the Bryan bookstore.

Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay pointed out that, unlike “Inherit the Wind,” the new DVD “features actors speaking the words that were spoken that hot summer when one of the most significant trials of the 20th century took place.”

Accompanying the DVD is a study guide that includes a brief background for the play, an introduction of the “original cast” and the actors who portray them, and a bibliography for further study.

“While this is an educational opportunity, I trust viewers will enjoy this captivating community theater production,” Dr. Livesay said.

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from the DVD or information about ordering your copy of “Inherit the Truth.”