MBA program gains SACS accreditation
December 20, 2007

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     Bryan College’s Master of Business Administration program has been accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) at the Commission’s recent December meeting, Academic Vice President Dr. Cal White announced.
     Bryan received authorization from the Commission on Colleges in December 2005, to begin an MBA program, and enrolled the first students in August 2006.
     Dr. White explained that the initial SACS approval allowed the college to hire faculty, recruit students and begin classes. A follow-up site visit by a SACS committee this past February resulted in a recommendation to hire an additional professor in the business department and to implement assessment of the program, a step that had not been taken because the program was so young at that point.
     “Dr. Ken Froemke coordinated the college’s response to the recommendations and submitted his report to SACS in August. They found no problems,” Dr. White said.
     Today, 31 students are enrolled in the MBA program in three groups or cohorts. The first cohort is scheduled to graduate in May.
     Dr. Ray Smith, MBA director, said the program is designed to accommodate students who are “mid-career professionals who have to keep up with the demands of their jobs, who have families and are full-time students.”
     Classes meet every other Saturday for 18 months at Bryan’s suite in the Krystal Building in Chattanooga. Weekends when classes do not meet, students have computer-mediated assignments they may complete at home.
     “I like to say this is a high-tech and high-touch program,” Dr. Smith said. “We have the small Christian college attitude of treating everybody like an individual, and we strive for technical competence in our students. This includes understanding use of technology in business and industry as well as the concept of ‘comfortable chaos’—appropriating changing technology for competitive advantage.”
     Bryan is accepting applications for the next cohort, to begin classes in late January. For more information, contact Dr. Smith at 423-775-7590.