Cal Thomas boosts Bryan scholarship program
March 12, 2008

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A Bryan College education trains young people to “spend their lives being a light to the nations,” and the William Jennings Bryan Opportunity Program extends that possibility to students with significant financial need, columnist Cal Thomas told an appreciative audience March 11.Bryan President Stephen D. Livesay, left, and Cal Thomas.

Mr. Thomas, featured speaker at a fund-raising dinner with more than 170 friends of the college present, encouraged support for the scholarship program because “It combines academic quality with the mind of Christ and the attitude of Jesus. We are taking people who don’t have the financial resources and giving them an education they would not be able to get anywhere else.”

In his talk he ranged from topics including education: “A real education used to include Biblical truth;” ethics: “We’re overflowing with ‘stuff,’ yet we are bankrupt in integrity and a moral code;” the war in Iraq: “We better win in Iraq. These people kill because they believe the only way to get to heaven is to kill an infidel Jew or Christian;” to the presidential election. “This election is important, if for no other reason than judges who will be appointed. Hillary and Obama are radical leftists.”

But his focus was encouraging personal faith in Christ as a solution for the moral problems confronting individuals and the nation today. Citing Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation of a day of prayer and confession during the War between the States, Mr. Thomas said, “That is the way back, not through Washington, D.C. Politicians can’t impose morality on themselves, let alone on the country.”

He recounted his testimony of faith in Jesus, from the time when he was fired by NBC and began to understand his dependence on Christ for the satisfaction he had attempted to find on his own. Today, he said, he regards himself as “a missionary to my colleagues in the media. Even though many of them reject what I stand for, they respect me because they know I care for them.”

Bryan President Stephen Livesay said the William Jennings Bryan Opportunity Program is helping some two dozen Tennessee students earn their college degrees, with the hope that they will remain in the area and offer a spiritual and social example to the state. Funds raised at the banquet will expand the program and make it available to more deserving students, he said.