Earn College Credit

Students attending the student conferences at any of the Summit locations can earn 2 or 3 hours of college credit through Bryan College. These credits are transferable to most colleges and universities (both religious and secular) and are transcripted as PHIL (Philosophy) 111: Contemporary Worldviews.

Please keep in mind that this is a college-level course. In order to maintain academic integrity and because of the abbreviated schedule, the requirements for this program are non-negotiable.

Payment Requirements for College Credit at the Bryan College Summit Conference

  1. College credit fees are non-refundable and are in addition to the Summit program tuition.
  2. Payment in full is required when you submit your college credit application at Bryan College after picking it up on arrival. 
  3. All checks MUST be made payable to Summit Ministries.
  4. Students must turn in completed college credit applications at Bryan College. College credit applications mailed to Summit will not be accepted.

Further Information

Please visit the Summit page for details regarding college credit requirements, course syllabus, and more.