Seminars, Conferences & Projects


Slovak Business Consultation Assistance - The Bryan CID provided consultation for a new entrepreneurial venture in Bratislava, Slovakia called, in English, Things With Ideas. This new business start-up primarily produces designer pens and paper products. Advice was provided in regards to making contacts ranging from major companies to Kiosks. Also, examined was the process of obtaining a patent for all new product designs. April 2014 

The Bryan College International Christian Film Series, Phase 1, in Olomouc, Czech Republic - The Bryan Center for International Development developed a Christian film series for the Theology Department at Palacky University to look help train Czech Theology students in how to effectively use the medium of film to reach their audiences with a Christian message. Professor Michael Palmer led Phase 1 of the series and focused on films with central themes that included: Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the series included two Bryan Communications professors along with two Communications majors. March 2014 

The Bryan College International Christian Film Series, Phase 2, in Olomouc, Czech Republic - Phase 2 of the film series was conducted by Dr. Randy Hollingsworth of the Bryan Communications Department. The films analyzed in Phase 2 concentrated on three recently produced Christian films. March 2014 

Central European Journalism Internships - Two Bryan college students participated in an internship program in Bratislava, Slovakia with the English language newspaper, The Slovak Spectator. The internship is part of an ongoing training program called, *“Get trained and then get published”*sponsored by the European Union in Brussels and on a number of weeks is conducted by Pulitzer Prize winning authors from Europe. March 2014 

Austrian/Slovak Banking Internship – A Bryan College Business major participated in banking internship organized by the Bryan CID with the Vienna, Austria bank Raiffeisen Bank International’s Slovak subsidiary Tatra Banka. The internship included "a comprehensive overview of bank practices including the bank treasury the Sporotel (call center), sales, administration, retail, communications, market analysis and project management." March 2014 


Central European Banking Internship, Fall Program - A banking internship organized by the Bryan CID for a Bryan College Business major with the Vienna, Austria Bank Erste Österreichische Sparkasse. The internship included a comprehensive overview of bank practices including the bank treasury the Sporotel (call center), sales, administration, retail, communications, market analysis and project management. November 2013 

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business - The ninth annual Decosimo lecture was presented at Bryan College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The featured speaker for this event was former Prime Minister of Slovakia and major European Union political player in the Greek bailout crisis, Dr. Iveta Radicova. Her lecture titled A Look at Politics and Economics Inside of Europe Comparisons to the United States focused on the structure/organization of European institutions/mechanisms, her experience at the national level and with European Union politics, economic development in Eastern and Central Europe and economic differences between Europe and America. She also discussed her views for solving the EU debt crisis and looked at options the Euro region has to seek alternatives to restore confidence in its currency. November 2013 

American Organizational Practices Review Program - A CID program organized for a Slovak student from the Súkromné Bilingválne Gymnázium School in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Creative Discovery Museum. This program was designed for the student participant to look at how Americans manage tasks and assignments, communicate with each other, deal with customer service and prioritize their work. In addition, the Slovak student had the opportunity to sit in on a major planning session at the museum.  August 2013
Another Day Under The Son Music Camp - A Bryan CID program with an eight person team that conducted music camps in Remeta and Beuis, Romania in cooperation with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission. The camps were attended by a total of 90 children, and in addition to music instruction students received drama instruction in a small drama performance setting. In Beius the children held a performance for parents on the last day of camp. One important cultural feature of the camp was the attendance of a number of Roma children.  July 2013

The Georgia Department of Education and the Bryan College Center for International Development hosted a conference on human trafficking at The Carter Center in Atlanta, May 13-14, 2013 titled Human Trafficking: Not Just a Global Problem for educators, anti-human trafficking organizations, social services agencies and law enforcement officials on how to address the growing problem of human trafficking. The conference featured Christine Dolan and Maria Velikonja both who served as key note speakers at the March 2010 United Nations human trafficking conference in New York titled Human Trafficking Beijing + 15 Lessons Learned, as well as Abraham Lee from the Department of State and human rights activist and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Alveda King. Vendors at the conference represented organizations and groups involved in the fight against human trafficking, including the Bryan College student group, SSTOP.  May 2013
Duha Crisis Center Assistance Project- Secured a $6,000 contribution from a source in Florida to assist the Duha Crisis Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. These funds will be utilized to help cover the costs of basic room and board services for women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. Funding for the center has become increasingly challenging in a country where the recession has affected both funding from the Slovak government and private sources.  May 2013
Central European Banking Internships - The Bryan CID organized a two week banking internship with the Vienna, Austria Bank Erste Österreichische Sparkasse for two Bryan College business students. The students spent two weeks at the Bratislava, Slovakia branch of Erste Österreichische Sparkasse called Slovenská Sporiteľňa studying Human Resources, the bank Treasury Department, Real Estate Financing and Marketing, the Communications Department, Human Resources and the Risk, Credit & Loan Department.  May 2013

Human Trafficking Victims Medical Assistance Program – The CID arranged for a physician from Signal Mountain, Tennessee to volunteer time to treat girls who are victims of human trafficking at Wellspring Living in Atlanta, Georgia. In initial sessions a number of girls received medical examinations, and special individual strategies were developed for two girls who had ongoing medical problems as a result of being forced into prostitution.  March 2013 
Bryan Internship Program with The Georgia Department of Education - The Bryan CID arranged for a three month internship for a December 2012 Bryan college graduate to help with the coordination and logistics of the May 13-14 conference on human trafficking at The Carter Center in Atlanta, May 13-14, 2013 titled Human Trafficking: Not Just a Global Problem. Duties include provide support for the GADOE Chief of Staff and his primary assistant. January –March 2013
Careers with the CIA - The Bryan CID organized a career session with a former CIA intelligence and operational officer for students at Bryan College who are interested in possibly pursuing CIA careers. The session included a number of career choices within the CIA including analysts, counterterrorism officials, field operations personnel, language specialists, etc. February 2013


C.S. Lewis School/Bryan College International Teaching Experience Interviews - The Bryan CID organized interviews on the Bryan campus for ten Bryan Education majors with Dr. Dusan Jaura, the principal of the C.S. Lewis School of Bratislava. The purpose of the individual interview sessions was to identify Bryan students who are interested in full-time teaching positions, internship experiences or student teaching opportunities at the C.S. Lewis School. November 2012. 

Social Work Research Conference/Emanuel University - The Assistant Director of ... for the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults gave a presentation on her impressions of the Romanian social system at this conference for students and alumni held in Oradea, Romania. The conference focused on issues that included negative images of Roma, youth and trauma, death and hospice care and affirmative action. November 2012

Georgia Department of Education/ Bryan College Human Trafficking Seminars, Phase 2 – Detective Sergeant Roddy Llewellyn, who founded the Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team, Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD) 6 at New Scotland Yard, gave five presentations to criminal justice students at Georgia State and Berry College and students at Rome High School. Detective Llewellyn addressed issues related to women and girls trafficked into London, in particular from the post-Marxist nations of Central and Eastern Europe. He cited a number of factors that have fueled the growth of human trafficking in the United Kingdom and Europe, including the rise of new mafia organizations and the poverty that many people found themselves in after the fall of communism.  October 2012
6th Annual Conference on International Education, Preparing for the Future of International Education in Tennessee, hosted by The Tennessee Consortium for International Studies and Chattanooga State Community College - Bryan College Fall 2012 CID lecturer David Cowan, a well known UK economist and theologian, was featured in a 90 minute discussion called The Future of International Education. Cowan looked at advantages of American educators teaching and learning aboard, as well as the benefits of bringing to U.S. schools international experts in various fields of endeavor and study. Cowan’s participation is a part of a four year cooperative effort by Bryan College and Chattanooga State which includes a speakers series with four international speakers per year.  October 2012

Civic Association MOVITA/The United Way of Chattanooga Training Cooperation A program organized by the CID for the Director of the Civic Association MOVITA of Pezinok, Slovakia. In this program the MOVITA Director is participating as a Loaned Executive for The United Way of Chattanooga, providing her with the opportunity to learn how United Way trains people, interacts with companies and networks with various social services organizations and NGOs. This internship experience will allow the MOVITA Director to analyze how the first United Way operation might be developed in the Slovak Republic. July- December 2012

Transylvania Summer Music Camp – Eight volunteers from Chattanooga area churches conducted a music camp for the Bryan CID for children from the Casa Josef Orphanage, the town of Beius (Romania) and surrounding villages in the Transylvania region. Music activities focused on vocal training, music theory, hand bells and spiritual application.  Sixty-five to eighty-five children attended the camp. This initiative was done in partnership with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission.  June 2012

Duha Crisis Center Development – The Bryan CID developed a comprehensive development strategy outline with the Duha staff in Bratislava, Slovakia to help the center approach Slovak and American companies for financial support. This strategy is designed to help the center in its efforts to maintain a budget to support women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  April 2012

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business- The eighth annual Decosimo lecture was presented at Bryan College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The featured speaker for this event was Dr. Mariano Croce, Professor at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina. Dr. Croce’s lecture was titled Euro Zone: in Search of Fiscal Discipline and focused to a great extent on current and historical economic trends in Italy, Spain and Greece.  March 2012
The Bryan CID arranged two internships in Dayton and Chattanooga to look at American practices of working with abused women and children, as well as fund raising for social services operations. The focus of the internship was at the director’s level with a key concentration on areas such as employee relations and management of employees.  February 2012
The Bryan College Center for International Development organized for the Georgia Department of Education four human trafficking seminars to be held between October 2011 and February 2012. These seminars feature individual presenters who work in anti-human trafficking activities at a global, national and local level. The Bryan CID/Georgia Department of Education seminars focused primarily on the trafficking of women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. One key feature of this seminar series was to help Georgia educators and social services workers identify key indicators of possible human trafficking activities, as well as trafficking victims.  February 2012


Assisted the Duha Crisis Center by writing a proposal for $25,000 to a Washington, D.C.-based charity for the purpose of helping the center meet very basic budgetary needs related to the continuation of its operations and services of its clients. Included in this effort were successful CID solicitations of support from key Slovak government ministries and officials. September 2011

Arranged a seven-week internship for a Slovak student from Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia, with the partnership for Families Children and Adults and the First Centenary Children’s Enrichment Center. This internship involved looking at American practices for working with children and helping ensure their overall development. August-September 2011

Organized a four-week internship to study management, organizational practices, and communication styles for a student from the Gymnázium, Povaľská Bystrica school, Slovakia.. This internship was hosted by Signal Centers and the Creative Discovery Museum. August-September 2011

Secured an appointment through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Atlanta for Professor Brad Gatlin of the Bryan Business Department to participate in the U.S. Young Scholars and Experts Delegation. This delegation consisted of 12 young and potential scholars, academic researchers, policy advisers, or Governor's staff in southeast states, chosen for a one week visit to Taiwan. September 2011 The program included meetings with Taiwan’s main political parties, agencies related to national security, foreign services, Mainland China affairs, economic development, health, education and cultural affairs. The delegation also visited various infrastructural, businesses and cultural sites. September 2011   <see story>

Beius Summer Music and Art Camp – A music camp for children from the Casa Josef Orphanage, the town of Beius (Romania) and surrounding villages.  The music component focused on vocal training, music theory, hand bells and spiritual application.  Artwork consisted of basic watercolor painting and sand art. Forty-two children attended the camp.  June 2011

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business – The seventh annual Decosimo lecture was presented at Bryan College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The featured speaker for this event was Ms. Anna Kao the Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center Office. Ms Kao’ lecture was titled Taiwan and the U.S.: Partners in Trade, Friendship and Democracy. March 2011

Faith Family Chattanooga – The Bryan College Center for International Development organized Part One of a series of informational seminars on human trafficking with Faith Family Chattanooga. These seminars represent an effort to disseminate information about trafficking to a broader population in the Chattanooga area. The first seminar focused on populations vulnerable to human trafficking. March 2011

Organizational Review of The Tamara Center – Bryan College and the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults organized a review of the Tamara Center for social services in Trnava, Slovakia. The themes of this review focused on advocacy and fundraising in relationship to the church and government. In addition, an Art Therapy program was conducted for women and children at the center. March 2011

Volkswagen Training Academy - The Bryan CID arranged through Chattanooga State Community College a review of the Chattanooga Volkswagen training facilities and training practices for the Managing Partner of FBE Bratislava Ltd. FBE has a 15 year relationship with Volkswagen Bratislava. February 2011

Emanuel University Doctoral Research Design Assistance - Individual assistance was provided to five doctoral students to help refine and design their research efforts to aid in the successful completion of their dissertations. January 2011


Scotland Yard/FBI Human Trafficking Update Meeting – a meeting organized by the Bryan CID to look at how the Scotland Yard Human Trafficking Team and regional FBI agents approach crimes related to the trafficking of women and children.  November 2010

Business Seminar for the KVZ Business Forum - titled How to Research Plan for and Start a Small Business. This four day seminar represents a  continuation of business training programs in Brno, Czech Republic  to provide basic entrepreneurial information to college students and others. The seminar include how to prepare a comprehensive business plan, budgets, evaluating people skills, management and business ethics. November 2010

International Baptist Church of Bratislava – The IBCB assisted the Bryan College Center for International Development in setting up a one-month summer camp assistant experience in Slovakia with Athletes in Action and Good Sports International. The CID participant assisted in numerous activities for children including sports, field trips, Bible stories and nature outings. July-August 2010

Casa Josef Children’s Summer Enrichment Program – A six-week Bryan CID program created for the children of the Casa Josef orphanage in Beius, Romania. Children participated in a number of structured outdoor activities designed to teach them leadership skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, self control and how to fine tune their motor skills. Children also participated in art projects in this summer program which ran six to seven hours per day, six days a week. July 2010

Assistive Technology Training Program for Slovak Teachers of Special Needs Children – Bryan College and Signal Centers organized a one week training program in Chattanooga for three Slovak teachers to familiarize them with and train them on the latest technology for meeting the educational needs of special needs children. These technologies included IntelliKeys, Overlay Maker Software, ChooseIt Maker Software, CursorFX Software and Talking Word Processor in Slovak. May 2010

MBA at Bryan Spring International Internship Program - Four Bryan College MBA students participated in an internship program in Brno, Czech Republic where they were able to gain an operational perspective in four companies located in Brno. The students also shared a number of ideas and perspectives from their own business experiences in the United States. The four companies visited included Honeywell, Mayak, SAP and Renault Automotive. April 2010

Bryan College/Partnership Slovak Crisis Centers Consultation Project - A project supported financially by the Rotary Club of Chattanooga to provide on-site consultation from the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults for three crisis centers for abused women and children in Bratislava, Slovakia . These centers were the Brana do Zivota Shelter, the Majak Social Service Institution and the Duha Crisis Center. April 2010

Beius Bible Church Project – REMM/Bryan CID cooperation resulting in the start of a Bible church in Beius, Romania with a primary emphasis on street kids and individuals from former state orphanages. The first and second Sunday services resulted in 42 and 80 attendees respectively. March 2010

Atlanta /Chattanooga Human Trafficking Forum – The March forum hosted by Bryan College involved a presentation by Living Waters for Girls of Peachtree City, Georgia. The program and subsequent discussion time focused on the identification and care of trafficking victims in Georgia. Participants also discussed the international client link through the Atlanta airport to many of the 350 to 400 victims who are domestically trafficked in the state of Georgia each month. March 2010

The forum had representatives from the Bryan CID, Bryan SSTOP, Bryan Worldview Initiative, three programs from the Partnership for Families for Children and Adults, On Point youth outreach programs, McDonough Christian Church and citizens from the local community. March 2010

Chattanooga Police Department/Scotland Yard Human Trafficking Update Session –This update session organized by Bryan College brought together detectives from the Chattanooga Police Department and the head of Scotland Yard’s Human trafficking team, Operation Maxim, to discuss local, regional and international issues relating to human trafficking. February 2010

Bryan College/Partnership Duha Crisis Center Training Project – A two-week program to train a staff member from the Duha Crisis Center of Bratislava, Slovakia in ten of the twenty-three programs of the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. February 2010

The Partnership & Bryan College Update Session on the Connection between Law Enforcement and NGO’s in the Response to Victims of Human Trafficking – This program featured a meeting between a leadership group from the Partnership and the Director of Scotland Yard’s Operation Maxim, a task force designed to combat trafficking in the United Kingdom. February 2010

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business – The sixth annual Decosimo presentation at Bryan College and U.T. Chattanooga featured Walt Jackson a managing Director in the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs & Company. Mr. Jackson’s lecture was titled “Financing on a Global Scale: An Overview of the Investing and Lending in the Current Financing Environment” January 2010


Czech Women’s Retreat on a Biblical Perspective of Relationships, Marriage and the Family – A partnership between Bryan College and the Scenic City Women’s Network to offer a retreat in Brno, Czech Republic to address issues that are critical to the efforts to create successful families and relationships. November 2009

Bryan CID International Business Course Development Assistance - The Bryan Center for International Development assisted Chattanooga State Community College in the development of a fall semester course entitled “International Businesses.”  Bryan organized a program feature around three international speakers from Integra Venture, Professionals International and Oversees Strategies, LLC. August-December 2009.

The Beius Roma Outreach Project – A project designed to get a Christian message to the Roma population in the area of Beius, Romania, in cooperation with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission. The project also included a Christian message outreach to Romania public school students. September - October 2009.

Bryan College/Integra Venture Fall 2009 Consultative ProjectBryan College in conjunction with Integra Venture of Bratislava , Slovakia, offered consultative services for three groups of individuals who are considering missions efforts or business ventures in Central and Eastern Europe. October 2009

Bryan College MBA International Internship ProgramA program constructed for graduate students with companies in Brno, Czech Republic, to observe Czech general business practices in the context of a case analysis and SWOT analysis. April 2009  (more info)

Czech Small Business Development Seminar –
A seminar program through KVZ of Brno, Czech Republic that analyzed key components of a business start-up. These components included topics such as market surveys, preparing a business plan, budgeting, people skills, customer service and ethics. March 2009

Brno Christian Leadership Forum- A leadership forum designed for 25 Christian employees of Siemans Corporation and IBM in Brno, Czech Republic. This forum is designed to support active Christian fellowship groups that meet on the premises of these two organizations. March 2009

Bryan College/Chattanooga State American and European Entrepreneurship Seminars - This program was designed to allow students to learn from American and European businesspersons who have demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial ability. This perspective was provided through the experiences of five individuals who have had significant experience in starting business enterprises and/or developing high impact entrepreneurial ventures within a corporate context. These individuals, representing Central Europe and the United States, shared their experiences in a number of educational and public forum settings. February/March 2009

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business – This fifth annual Decosimo presentation was titled “The Economic Integration of Romania into the European Union.” The series guest lecturer was Dr. Sebastian Vaduva, Dean of the Griffiths School of Management at Emanuel University of Oradea in Oradea, Romania February 2009

The Partnership & Bryan College Seminar on Human Trafficking Criminal Justice and Social Workers Forum – This seminar program featured the Director of Scotland Yard’s Operation Maxim a task force designed to combat trafficking in the United Kingdom. The program which concentrated on Hamilton and surrounding counties presented information on key aspects of trafficking for approximately 30 individuals who attended the Law Enforcement session and more than 70 persons who attended the Social Services session. January 2009


The Bryan Romanian Christmas Humanitarian Project-  A two week outreach project in the Transylvania region of Romania. This initiative involved conducting evangelism activities at two Beuis area schools, a Christmas program at the Casa Josef Orphanage and bringing relief supplies to 25 families in the town of Petrila who had family members who died or were seriously injured in a recent mining accident. December 2008.

The State of Christendom Lecture Series – (Four presentations, David Brainerd School and Bryan College).  “Presenting the Gospel of Christ in the World’s Most Atheistic Country,” Josef Pavlinak, Director of KVZ Ministry, Brno, Czech Republic September/October 2008

Music/Sports Ministry for REMM- Bryan College organized a program to assist visiting REMM teams from the U.S. and Canada with music and sports activities for children in the Beius, Romania area. July- August 2008

Bryan College Summer Camp Project in Beius, Romania- A summer camp pilot program was developed for children of the Casa Josef Orphanage with the intention of organizing an annual summer camp program in partnership with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission.  June 2008

Bryan College/ Signal Centers Training Project for Teachers of Handicapped Children – Training sessions were conducted at the Slovak Children’s Integration Center to help Slovak teachers and speech therapists learn to work with and create assistive technology devices. May 2008

Review and Consultation for the Basic School of Smolenice- Assistance was provided to this basic school through a cooperation between Bryan College and Signal Centers with a focus on how Slovak students with disabilities are included in normal classroom settings. May 2008

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business “Leadership Today: Owning Your Future in the Global Marketplace” Emily B. Brinkmoeller, Managing Director of the World Trade Center Illinois - Chicago, Illinois March/April 2008

SCOURGE Human Trafficking: Slavery in the 21st Century – The Bryan College International Development Center and the Bryan Center for International Leadership; organized a three-day conference which included featured speakers with backgrounds from the United Nations, the State Department and CNN news… January 2008

Slovak Graphic Design Internship – Organized by Bryan College resulting in internship training and an operational relationship between Tubatomic Studio of Chattanooga, Tennessee and B Positive Studio of Bratislava, Slovakia January 2008


Romanian Human Trafficking Research Project – A Bryan College initiative in cooperation with Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission to research human trafficking activities in the Transylvania region of Romania December 2007

Bryan College Counseling training Initiative for Czech Pastors and Lay People- Bryan College with assistance from Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church conducted a feasibility study in Brno,Czech Republic regarding the possible development of a Christian counseling program based on fundamental biblical principles that relate to human behavior and relationships. November 2007

Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Treatment Internship Program - Bryan College and the Jan Hus Foundation in partnership with Scenic Land School organized a two week training program in Chattanooga for Slovak teachers to observe and participate in the study of the latest methods and approaches for students with learning deficiencies. November 2007

Bryan College Romanian Music Appreciation Program- A Bryan-led team of three individuals initiated a music appreciation program for the children of the Casa Josef Orphanage in Beius, Romania November 2007

Duha Shelter Grant Writing Project – Bryan College provided a summer student intern to assist in writing grants for the Duha Shelter for abused women and children in Bratislava, Slovakia June-August 2007

Professional Review of the Duha Crisis Center A Bryan College initiative enlisting the services of the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults to do an onsite audit and review of the Duha Crisis Center in Bratislava, Slovakia May 2007

GEM Discussion Series “Finding Truth in Media and the Spiritual Realm” A mini- seminar program conducted for Students for Christ in Brno, Czech Republic April 2007

The Decosimo Lecture Series on Global Business Business Expertise for Sustainable Development” L. Patrick Henry, Manager of the Public Sector Services Practice of Emerging Markets Group in Washington, D.C. April 2007

Bard College conference on “The Ethics of Human Trafficking” attended by Bryan College students March 2007 Conference follow- up lecture at Bryan College by Christine Dolan (former CNN political director) on “Slavery and Trafficking in the 21st Century” April 2007


Slovak Crisis Center Internship Project – an initiative to train in Chattanooga the Director, and in turn future staff members of the new crisis center for abused women and children in Pezinok, Slovakia September-December 2006

The Chattanooga State/Bryan College International Business Week – A program designed to allow members of the Chattanooga area educational and business communities an opportunity to gain a broader perspective on the world of global commerce October 2006

Children with Learning Disabilities Project – a one week review of American approaches to working with learning disabled students at Scenic Land School of Chattanooga, by the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Jan Hus Foundation (Brno, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia) October 2006

Ugandan Student Internship Program – the initial year of a projected three year project for Bryan College and U. T. Chattanooga to minister to former street children in Kampala, Uganda who recently have been housed by Christian Life Ministries July 2006

Development of a Crisis Center for Women and Children in Pezinok, Slovakia – a cooperation with The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults to establish the first crisis center for abused women and children in the Slovak Republic April 2006

The State of Christendom Lecture Series – “A Close Look at Spirituality on the Italian Peninsula,” Gaetano Sottile, President of Italy for Christ February 2006  


The Decosimo Lecture Series On Global Business - a partnership of Bryan College, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. “Slovakia, the New Economic Tiger of Europe” September 2004.  “Two Cheers for Globalization: The Pervasive Influence of Globalization in Every Walk of Life" September 2005

SEN Worldview Conference – partnership of Bryan College and the Central European Studies Center February 2005

Small Business Development Project/Romania – Bryan College effort to help establish Christian coffee houses in the Transylvania region of Romania to minister to college and high school age students   February 2005

REMM Orphanage Project – Bryan College initiative involving a Bryan Education major assisting an REMM clinical therapist in Beius, Romania February 2005


Czech Business Consultation Program - The Bryan CID organized a program to support Christian business people in the Czech Republic. Consultations and reviews of strategic plans with Christian entrepreneurs in Brno, Czech Republic was conducted by Jacksonville, Florida, businessmen Steve Sell and Luther McLeod. November 2004

Bryan College/Integra Venture Business Review Program - Bryan worked with Integra Venture of Bratislava, Slovakia to set up a review of business plans and the investment potential of five Bratislava area start-up businesses (from the Christian community) by Reid Henson of Coca-Cola. Business owners and entrepreneurs submitted strategic plans including detailed budgets for new business ventures. October 2004


The State of Christendom Lecture Series – “The Transformation of the Ugandan Nation,” Peterson Sozi, Executive Director of Back to God Ministry and founder of the PCA Church of Uganda October 2003

The State of Christendom Lecture Series – “A Model For World Transformation,” Jackson Senyonga, Founder and President of Christian Life Ministries October 2003