State of Christendom Lecture Series


The State of Christendom Lecture Series provides an overview of the church as it exists in various international settings. International Christian leaders are invited to discuss the state of the Church in their culture to audiences of students and the general Christian community.

Lecture Focus

Lecturers are asked to present the Church in their nations in terms of
  • Evangelistic activities
  • Denominational influences
  • Worship practices
  • Relative impact on the well being of society
  • Challenges facing their homeland church in relation to the political, historical and social realities of the nation.
The persecution of the church, as well as individual Christians is a topic of particular interest in this series. This persecution may be represented by physical and/or psychological attempts to stop the message of the Gospel. It is our hope that sharing such experiences through this program will better equip those attending the lectures to overcome those who attempt to suppress Christian beliefs and practices both at home and abroad.

Series History

The first two lectures in this series featured two Ugandan pastors who lived through 13 years of repression during the brutal regimes of Idi Amin and Milton Obote which resulted in the murders of approximately 600,000 people. Reverend Peterson Sozi, founder of the Presbyterian Church in America in Uganda and Executive Director of Back to God Evangelistic Association, recounted his experiences after being declared the government’s most wanted man during Idi Amin’s rule. Reverend Jackson Senyonga highlighted a model of Christian transformation that transformed his nation into the new “spiritual breadbasket” of Africa.   

Series Aims

  • Better inform the American Christian community on how to pray for fellow Christians around the world
  • Highlight, for purposes of giving, the financial challenges of the church as it attempts to thrive in other nations
  • Help prepare individuals to be more effective in short and long term missions as they minister in foreign lands
  • Promote better networking and cooperation between American Christians and their international brethren
  • Provide American Christians with a look at models of ministry utilized in other parts of the globe that may be different or unique in relationship to their own attempts to present Jesus Christ to the world 


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