Philosophy of Community Life at Bryan

To understand a Biblical worldview, you'll need to do more than just tack on a couple of Bible courses to your class schedule. Here, our Biblical worldview not only infuses the curriculum, but it also influences the way we choose to live, work, and play together each and every moment.

The Office of Student Life exists to support and enhance the academic mission of the College and to disciple students toward maturity in Christ by being committed to the following:

The Authority of God

  • God’s Word, the Holy Bible, composed of the Old and New Testaments, is of final and supreme authority in faith, in life, and in scholarship.
  • We subscribe to a Biblical worldview that not only determines understanding but also behavior.
  • We will submit to Scripture’s standards for human behavior with an understanding and respect for the fact that Christian communities historically have followed diverse practices in a number of areas.
  • Glorifying God is of supreme importance, therefore, the standards and practices of the College reflect the desire of the institution to place Christ Above All.
  • Regular corporate worship and prayer will be prominent features of campus life.

The Educational Process

  • Student life shall seek to provide a campus environment conducive to the learning process.
  • Student life will be integrated with academic programs by utilizing faculty and staff mentors and models to develop increasing responsibility and initiative in students.
  • Bryan College is committed to the virtues of integrity and excellence.
  • We believe that truth is absolute.

The Community

  • We desire to maximize the benefits of a small college by adhering to practices that promote and strengthen the unity of the campus community.
  • Because we place a high value on relationships we will practice and promote fairness, civility, respect for authority, and regard for others above personal rights.
  • All members of the campus community commit themselves to mutual accountability.
  • Adherence to required standards of behavior is not to be viewed as “legalism” but as reasonable expectations that are appropriate for institutional effectiveness. Furthermore, submission to authority honors God and contributes to individual and corporate growth.
  • Recognizing the constant changes in culture, students’ needs, and in higher education, continuous evaluation and revision of policies is a necessity. Appreciating Bryan ’s record of years of excellence, changes and revisions shall be considered with humility and carefulness.
  • Student activities will promote healthy interaction of the community with consideration and respect for the beliefs of one another.
  • We recognize the prominent position of God’s institution, the church, and will support and encourage its work.
  • Members of the campus community are to deal with one another in truth. One’s word is his bond. It shall be assumed that members are being truthful, unless evidence shows otherwise. Failure to be truthful is a major violation of the College honor code.

The Development of the Individual

  • Student development is viewed as a continual process of moving toward maturity.
  • Faculty and staff are entrusted with a sacred trust to mentor students in the areas of spiritual formation, the pursuit of holiness, and leadership development with goals toward personal responsibility and initiative.
  • Every staff member in Student Life is viewed as a mentor or discipler of students.
  • We will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or disability, but will acknowledge and celebrate legitimate differences, roles, and responsibilities.
  • We will teach leadership development by providing opportunities for students to practice leadership skills under the supervision of responsible faculty and staff.
  • We will encourage outreach by providing organized opportunities for direct involvement.
  • Certain forms of entertainment are not consistent with holy living. We will make choices that demonstrate our pursuit of holiness in all entertainment practices.
  • We will promote the health of our bodies, minds, and emotions.
  • Personal counseling is available to students as a means of discipleship and dealing with personal issues. Dealing with serious issues of mental or emotional health is outside the scope of the College.
  • Discipline shall be administered in a redemptive, not punitive fashion.