Cummings shows initiative in gaining medical experience
August 02, 2008

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This is why sophomore biology major Jared Cummings summer frequently involves 16-hour workdays:
  • He volunteers twice a week at the People's Clinic in Knoxville, TN, working alongside a physician or nurse practitioner in treating homeless, uninsured patients’ minor illnesses. Jared typically escorts the patients to the examining room; takes their vital signs; reviews their medical history, allergies, and medications; discusses their chief complaint; and then reports his findings and clinical impression to the attending physician.
  • He shadows physicians at Parkwest Medical Center, broadening his perspective in such areas as radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology, and general surgery. Through this one-on-one interaction with a variety of physicians, Jared said he “quickly learned that physicians are some of my favorite people.”
  • He works fulltime in emergency registration at Parkwest, where he is responsible for verifying insurance and address information, obtaining signatures for consent, and educating patients on privacy and hospital policies. He sees a wide spectrum of medical emergencies, and the attending physicians will often bring him into a situation where he learns something new.
Jared describes his summer “as very rewarding; it has jump started my medical education and given me a greater love for medicine.”
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