Ammen interns at Family Research Council
July 26, 2008

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Senior communication studies major Faith Ammen is living within a block of the U.S. Capitol this summer.  As an intern with the Witherspoon Fellowship, she has attended events featuring speakers such as Supreme Court Justice Scalia and Israeli politician Natan Sharansky.  She has been involved in field studies at locations ranging from Gettysburg to the White House and has been challenged academically with extensive readings and lectures.   

Witherspoon Fellows with "Martha Washington" at Mount Vernon (Faith is standing on Martha's right)

Her internship with the Family Research Council’s (FRC) communication department included putting on press conferences at the National Press Club, working with Tony Perkins on his weekly radio show, researching news stories for FRC's Daily Update, and blogging on In addition, Faith helped work on and is featured for about three seconds in a commercial for the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit 2008.

“By working for a public policy center that focuses on issues of family values," Faith stated, "I have gotten an inside look at how our worldview affects policy decisions, including positions on abortion and gay marriage.” She also saw a great example of how small the world is:  Among the Fellows she worked with this summer, four were internationals from Austria, Kenya, Slovakia, and New Zealand. The New Zealand Fellow helped plan Summit New Zealand.  Summit Tennessee takes place on Bryan campus!

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