Educational Goals

Educational Goals – Learning Outcomes In order to maintain its distinctives and pursue its institutional purpose, the Bryan College community strives together to accomplish seven educational goals expressed as learning outcomes.

  1. Students will develop a knowledge of the Bible and the liberal arts and an ability to harmonize that knowledge through an understanding of their relationships.
  2. Students will develop competency in one or more subjects as a foundation for graduate studies or vocations related to the disciplines of Christian Studies and Philosophy, Humanities, Literature & Modern Languages, Natural Science, and Social Science.
  3. Students will demonstrate academic excellence by thinking critically, working independently and cooperatively, communicating clearly, and expressing themselves creatively.
  4. Students will develop wholesome attitudes, healthful habits, responsible citizenship, constructive interests and skills, and the recognition that education is a continuing process for both faculty and students.
  5. Students, faculty, and staff will serve the local community and the Bryan constituency with academic and creative experiences and consultative services in ways consistent with the educational philosophy, purpose, and resources of the College.  
  6. Students will mature spiritually and engage in opportunities for Christian leadership, ministry, service, worship, and discipleship.  
  7. Students will enhance their undergraduate and graduate education and participate in research projects and colloquia conducted by Bryan's faculty, academic departments, and affiliate and ancillary organizations.