Educational Philosophy

Bryan College is founded upon the belief that God is the author of truth; that He has revealed Himself to humanity through nature, conscience, the Bible, and Jesus Christ; that it is His will for all people to come to a knowledge of truth; and that an integrated study of the liberal arts and the Bible, with a proper emphasis on the spiritual, mental, social, and physical aspects of life, will lead to the balanced development of the whole person.
The opportunity for such study should be available to all students who meet admission standards, regardless of their sex, race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, or age.
Although students are neither required to subscribe to any statement of belief nor placed under any duress with regard to their religious position, the College leadership desires that its graduates will ultimately find their lives transformed by the living Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and consistently practicing a thoroughly Christian lifestyle which grows from a well-developed biblical worldview. These graduates should be well integrated persons and mature citizens who accept their responsibility to glorify God and serve others.