Getting Started


Entry into "the real world" should be a time of excitement, enthusiasm, and exploration for most college graduates. School, for the time being, really is over. Now is finally the time to apply some of the knowledge and insights acquired during all those school years. A substantial salary assures financial independence. All kinds of doors are opened, presenting a world of new opportunities.

The transition from the world of higher education to that of the first career job is a dramatic one. Most college seniors are not aware of the magnitude of the transitions and adjustments that need to be made on virtually all fronts, and they tend to be unaware of the consequences for not making these adjustments in a mature and speedy manner.

What a shock it can be to discover that the new graduate once again drops to "freshman" status at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. Just as a college freshman has to learn the ropes of the new environment, the recent graduate starting a career job faces a whole new world. The difficulty is that the real world is less tolerant of mistakes, offers less time and flexibility for adjustment, and demands performance for the pay it offers.

The graduate who enters this world with open eyes and with enthusiasm invariably does better than the one who naively expects life to continue as before. The purpose of the Career Center is to provide resources to prepare students to enter the work world or continue their education. It is our goal to present some of the realities and opportunities of the first career job to help the new graduate make the transition successfully.

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Marica Merck, Director