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Dr. Edward B. Davis



Intelligent Design on Trial,” Religion in the News. (Winter 2006). 8(3): 8-11, 26.

Science and Religious Fundamentalism in the 1920s,” American Scientist. (May-June 2005). 93(3): 253-260. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

“Is There a Christian History of Science?” in Scholarship and Christian Faith: Enlarging the Conversation, ed. Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen. (Oxford University Press, 2004). 63-75. (378.071 Sch641)

“Christianity and Early Modern Science: The Foster Thesis Reconsidered,”  in Evangelicals and Science in Historical Perspective, ed. David N. Livingstone, D.G. Hart, and Mark A. Noll. (Oxford University Press, 1999). 75-95. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

“Of Gods and Gaps: Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution.” extended web version of published article: "Debating Darwin: The Intelligent Design Movement," The Christian Century. (15-22 July 1998). 115(20): 678-81.  [Reprinted with additional material in Reports of the National Center for Science Education. (November/December 1998). 18(6): 20-3.]. 

Dr. Davis’ home page 

Dr. Stephen F. Matheson




"Evolutionary Creation: Common Descent and Christian Views of Origins," in Science and Religion: 21st Century Dialogue, eds. Y. Xu and M. Stewart. (forthcoming).

"A Scientific and Religious Critique of Intelligent Design," in Science and Religion: 21st Century Dialogue, eds. Y. Xu and M. Stewart. (forthcoming).

"Biology, the Incarnation, and Christian Materialism," in Science and Religion: 21st Century Dialogue, eds. Y. Xu and M. Stewart. (forthcoming).

Quintessence of DustDr. Matheson’s blog.  “Quintessence of Dust explores issues of science and Christian faith, focusing on genetics, development, evolution, neuroscience, and related topics, regularly discussing intelligent design, creationism, and other scientific issues that worry evangelical Christians. My main theme is scientific explanation.” - from the blog

Clashing Culture, a blog Dr. Matheson co-authors. "Conversations about science and faith" from various ideological viewpoints.

Dr. Matheson’s Curriculum Vitae    

Dr. Jon H. Roberts

“The Struggle Over Evolution,” Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History, ed. Mary Kupiec Cayton and Peter W. Williams, 3 vols. (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2001), 1: 589-597. (Ref 973.03 En193)

The Sacred and the Secular Universitywith James Turner. (Princeton University Press, 2000). (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

“Darwinism, American Protestant Thinkers, and the Puzzle of Motivation,” in Disseminating Darwinism: The Role of Place, Race, Religion, and Gender, ed. Ronald L. Numbers and John Stenhouse. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999). 145-172. (301.09 D632)

“Darwinism,” in A Companion to American Thought, ed. James Kloppenberg and Richard Wightman Fox (Oxford: Blackwell, 1995), 167-168. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

Darwinism and the Divine in America. (University of Wisconsin Press, 1988). (231.7 R541d)

Dr. Todd Charles Wood

"Species Variability and Creationism," Origins. (2008). 62:6-25.

"The Current Status of Baraminology," Creation Research Society Quarterly Journal. (December 2006). 43(3): 149-158.

"The Chimpanzee Genome and the Problem of Biological Similarity," Occasional Papers of the BSG. (2006). 7:1-18.A Creationist Review and Preliminary Analysis of the History, Geology, Climate and Biology of the Galápagos IslandsCORE Issues in Creation. Monograph Series. (2005). 1:1-241. (575 W850i)

Understanding the Pattern of Life: Origins and Organization of the Species, with Megan J. Murray. (B&H Publishing Group, 2003). (231.7652 W850u)

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